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Lousy Weekend

Tiring weekend in last couple of months. This is how I would explain the weekend so far. The weekend began by an accident that peeled off bit of my skin on hands and legs. It happened on friday evening. I was coming back from office and was about 100m away from home. I was so happy then, with the thought that I am reaching home early, that too on a friday evening. I was much excited, as I saw my home out there. Suddenly,as if from no where, from one of the side lanes, a biker jumped in front of me  and I pressed on brake with all my might. Later I understood that it was the worst thing to do a gravel road, that too wet by an afternoon drizzle. I was thrown off bike, slide a little on ground, peeling my hand skin. I was thanking God,  that I wasn’t supposed to spend the weekend in the hospital, and for getting me out with much less impact than it has to be.
I went to hospital by night, had the wounds dressed and a shot of tetanus injection. But there are not the amazing things to blog about. By around 6:45 pm, my city shook mild marking 3.8 on richer scale. I was watching a movie on laptop. There was a booming sound, as if a jet was flying low. Then, the table and other furnitures start vibrating with a buzzing noise. The quake was so mild that, i had to watch the news then  to know that it was actually an earth quake. Again thanks to God that it went mild and no further tremors happened.
After that spooky friday, came the saturday. I didn’t have much planning for saturday, but it ended up with three movies.
“Underworld”, “Outsourced” and “Bowfinger” in three phases. All were great movies and It was a film day in my life after around 4-5 months.