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What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

The needs of humans has grown far beyond the necessity of living. The life in this planet thrives on the basic need of air, water, food and continuity of the species. The food chain and the life chain balances them in a cycle that sustains life on earth.
From the bare necessities of life, the luxury is defined by anything extra available, but not necessarily needed. A trapped prey in sight after a sumptuous meal for a beast of the jungle is a luxury. But, these luxuries are necessities once the appetite comes back and can wait for the same. There is no wastage or over use of resources in the cycle of demand and supply . But, when the term ‘luxury’ is defined in terms of humans, the definition will stretch in multitudes of human affordability and lifestyle.
Lets start from the ground zero to understand the luxury in human perspective. For a vast percentage of population, food to hearts delight is a luxury of lifetime. Each moment in their life is aimed to get food for themselves and their family and nurturing the dream to get sufficient in food. Here, we see a unanimous relation among the wildness of nature and the helpless of human diversity.The hunger, poverty and the lack drives the life in this society and the anything that brings them out of this pathetic state will be deemed a luxury.
If we move a little up, there is a class of people who has daily income enough to feed the family. They can afford to buy new clothes once a year. They manage to get their children to government schools. The children suppress their dreams to their hearts as they know their parents cannot afford the same as their friend’s. This is the sector where sacrifices make life sweeter and any surprises is indeed a ‘luxury’.
Few more steps above, we have the people with all basic needs of life meet. So, luxury cannot be defined by means of necessities of life. Instead, for this class, luxury is more of a comfort zone which has become the necessity of their lives. The mobile phones, television, two wheeler, car etc. broadly comes in the class of people grouped in a wider sense. we can also see variety in this group based on affordability and the income. From this class of people and above, we can see how the surplus is diverted to the luxuries  and the need is not quenched by meeting the necessity. Attaining comfort is driving the necessity with the availability of the market, as now,  affordability is not a constraint.
Now, lets the move to the highly privileged, highest income bound class of human society where imagination is a limit to attain luxury. Right from custom made devours to cryogenic preservation, the dreams fly high in each aspect of life. There is no stop to the affordability of luxury. Money has less meaning here. It is as abundant as gravels in the backyard. So, luxury is a meaningless word which could not be defined with any words in vocabulary. Food is not for hunger, since hunger doesn’t exist, only taste and variety prevails. Dress is not for covering the nakedness, it is valued from its make, rarity and designer who made it exclusive.
With all said, what makes us different from any other living thing, which meets the basic necessities of nature and live on. And us, the evolved ones, exploiting the surplus for luxury, which at the same time can used to wipe the hunger of a big section of our own society. In animal world, one species compete with another for survival. But among us, we endanger the existence of our own species.
What we need is not democracy, communism, secularism or military power.
All we need is to understand that we all are humans, there is no country or continents, color, caste or creed. Live and let live as humans…


Living in a Box

The life has been like a tick of the clock for many of the people living on a corporate guidebook. The slightest variation from the routine caused havoc and chaos. The catch is that the routine that comprises the day cycle is planned enough make it keep ticking.

It would be worth round here to cite about one such specimen. The guy starts his day at 8:30 Am, still drooling over the late night sleep. Sleep slowly moves over to getting to the corporate suite and starting to office. The first activity in office would be going through the mails to ensure everything is fine and running. Then, off to the cafeteria at 10:30 Am for the breakfast. Then, back to the work till 1 Pm when the hunger calls for lunch. The lunch could be the office served, or a food court ‘product’ which is basically good to be called as a filler than lunch.

Then, call of duty fights with the call of sleep till the knock off is declared as a tea break by 4 PM. Refreshed, it will be a busy hours coming forth, for the reports and updates and the time sheet entries.

Then, the final wind up and off to home. Some time with family, or movie with dinner, snooze snooze and wolah, day next..

My Suggestion : Please bring in more colour to your life. Hit the road, run few miles, plan weekend outing, write a blog 🙂 , in short, life is not ‘just’ work alone.

Little Joy of Life

Life is the most undefined mystery in all the dimensions we know. No matter, how advanced we are in science, mystics or in myths, we have never been able to explain the meaning of life in full, just because of its most simplest reason : diversity.

For each life form on earth, there is an defined purpose, which they carry out with at most uncertainty of completion. Each spark of life flames to splinder and blaze and in some uncertain moment turns to ashes. With this line clearly drawn, knowing the ultimate fact, that there is an end to the road, let me walk through few life cycles which I have come across in my life.

When I was a child, I used to sit at the porch of my house and used to look at the life around me. Butter flies in the small garden of my mother’s, people in their daily life, walking by the road, and also the line of ants which carry out its daily routine of food collection. With the remembrance of some science class hours, I used to draw line in their path. I was amused to see how science worked as ants lost their path as the trail of hormone path was wiped off. I used to be cruel too applying death without knowing the meaning to those tiny form of life.

Writing this at this point of life, I do feel sorry for what I did. But I do think this : what was the purpose of life of those small ants? in their tiny span of life, they were busy collecting food for their colony, hard working to the limit without even knowing that the life is about to end at the finger tips of another life.

There are many small fishes in the ocean which live together in multitude of numbers. The only purpose in their short life is to become food for other life. Their life was created in this world to nourish the life of other life and that is their purpose.

Coming back to the human life, the diversity is more vivid as life itself is woven in different colors. For a street life, the most importance reason of life is find a way for daily bread where as there are other forms of life, whose major concern is what new feature Apple is introducing next. In all these, what I find common is the ‘Joy of Life’.

Any life born on earth, no matter, how feeble or great it is, does enjoy every moment it is alive. what ever be the purpose, whatever be the need and cause, each ticking moment is a joy forever. I recall the famous words of Keats that point this and also the urge to have as much joyous moments ever

A think of beauty is a joy forever,

How can I ever bid farewell to these joys..

Stepping on to the lane

A road trip through the countryside had been always the best refreshing weekends for me. And last week end was something of its kind. A long drive with a new friend who shares the same passion of me in knowing the history and past of the places, I visit. Some one who is very close to my interests and passion.

It all started as a road trip plan to north of Iran. I wasn’t even sure of the destination. All I wanted from the ‘Travel Agency who processed my travel plan was a two day retreat, one night of peaceful sleep away from work and a guide, not a driver who knows English and know ‘where we are going’. I seldom knew that these requirements is going to start a lifetime friendship.

So, as chartered by my travel company, my itinerary included a two day trip from Tehran to Anzali, Roodkhan Castle and the Masouleh Village. Since, I didn’t do any homework to research on these places, I started out blindly.

To continue working

Sometimes, after all the effort you put in, seldom the good work is appreciated, magnanimous will power is required to keep the morale high. As I figured out in my last blog post, the level of job satisfaction determines how closely how can meet the expectations.

In stem of the process oriented work places, the role and responsibilities are set based on process and project requirements. But, when there is no process, the job routine comprises a fluctuating series of responsibilities, an undefined boundary of roles and answerable to multiple calls. This creates a chaos in the system, which ultimately affects the deliverables and the cost rather that the participating resources.

In a non process oriented environment, it becomes very difficult to make the efforts measurable and the added pain of indecision makes each day more difficult to pass.

Three Way Rivaltries – Miss Universe Contestants


The creed of the Miss Universe Pageant, despite its many detractors, is to spread a message of “peace, tolerance and mutual understanding” to the world. At the top of the crop are three nations (USA, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico) that come every year not just to play, but to win. The United States, where the competition originated, has 7 all-time wins, the leader; 15 all-time top-two finishes, the leader; and 54 all-time top-ten finishes, again the leader. It has been a staggering 13 years, however, since Brook Mahealani Lee from Hawai’i last delivered an American victory.

In Venezuela, where Miss Universe is the national pastime, they boast the following: Six all-time winners (including two of the last three and the only ever back-to-back winners); six more first-runner-ups; five more second-runner-ups; four third-runner-ups; and an unmatched 13 consecutive top-six finishes (1991-2003). Venezuela is also the only country that can claim multiple awards for Best-in-Swimsuit, of which it claims a total of 4, and in 1993 Venezuelan contestant Milka Chulina matched beauty with brains when she recorded the highest-ever score (9.843) in the interview portion.

Last but not least, the humble island territory of Puerto Rico, of approximately 4 million people, has won Miss Universe an impressive 5 times, which is more than double what the world’s two most populated nations, China and India, have combined. Puerto Rico has won the Miss Photogenic award an equally impressive 5 times, second only to the Philippines, and is one of only two countries (with Venezuela) that can claim at least one victory in each of the last four decades. In 2001, Puerto Rican contestant Denise Quiñones completed perhaps the most dominant performance ever, winning Miss Photogenic, Best-in-Swimsuit, and Best Hair, to go along with the—gloriously astronomical—title of Miss Universe.

Top Ten Failed Apocalyptic Predictions – Super Volcano


There are about 500 active volcanoes in the world. There are three known supervolcanoes in the US, (including Yellowstone), Lake Toba in Indonesia, Taupo in New Zealand and Aira Caldera in Japan. A supervolcano is a volcano capable of producing a volcanic eruption with an eruption radius greater than 240 cubic miles (1,000 cubic kilometers). Supervolcanoes are the most dangerous, with a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8. This is thousands of times larger than most historic volcanic eruptions. Geologists believe that Yellowstone is the most likely supervolcano to erupt next, as it has been exhibiting signs of unrest, with earthquake swarms, ground deformation and considerable heat and gas emissions.

Earthquakes are the primary indicator that a volcano is about to erupt. The Yellowstone caldera experiences about 1500 measurable earthquakes a year. The last eruption of Yellowstone was 640,000 years ago. If it did erupt, expect half of the USA to be wiped out, and major variations in global climate for many years. Residual volcanic ash in the atmosphere would result in the devastation of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies and mass starvation. Yellowstone could emit 2,000 millions of tons of sulphuric acid, and could produce the equivalent of a “nuclear winter”, when the dust and debris from the fallout of a nuclear war block out sunlight for several years, causing worldwide famines.