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Sublime Darkness

Darkness being the absence of light or light absorbed within?

Or a state of absolute nothing!

I wonder the void. is it possible to have nothing? Even the most virtual form of matter – the complicated inner self called ‘mind’ is very not void. Seldom are moments when the mind is blank, The most dormant state of mind; the sleep is not void but filled with dreams.

It is very complicated to perceive void or being nothing. No matter how the human science define it in terms of time, space and matter, it is evidently illogical to visualize or accept.

The time stood still

The life begins with a violent motion of emotions. An oscillatory motion to eject a torch-bearer in a linear motion to start the constant thump of life from that moment to the inevitable end, each cell is born and sheds serving its purpose all the way along.

Human thoughts are always constrained to the limits set by perception of ocular senses and thought. Any idea or vision beyond the logic defined by them are considered to supernatural or madness.

Our senses perceive the swaying of trees to wind, makes leaves fall. Science explains that wind is caused by atmospheric variations etc. But what could not be a logical explanation is that tree is shaking is away a dead leaf from its branches and hence stirring the air around if. I can feel wind on my face, if I wave my hand. Why can’t be the same with the tree? It is because the human senses defined the logic that trees are rooted  and cannot move.

Except for the logic we have created for our inquisitive minds, do we really have answer to who we are, what life is, its purpose and thereafter.

We are still in sublime darkness not knowing what darkness is.


For the first drop

There is something very wonderful about my home place. It's still a place where you cannot see the ground from the sky. All those lush green trees, though getting reduced in number, are still the sky scrapers.

Away from those concrete jungles, a small paddy field, with those golden corns swaying lightly in the cool monsoon breeze. A small one footer muddy path winds it's way indefinitely through the vast fields. One will never feel away from nature in such a place. And I come from one of a kind of paradise, where nature still has its breath.

All these memories came back to me in a single shot, because of a wonderful liner I grabbed from the movie : time machine.

Those that take us back are memories… And those that carry us forward, are dreams.

A really great script but a rather wonderful fact. Sitting in this cold room in a foreign land, I wander through the lush green memories of my past. Though, my heart is curiously dreaming for the first snow that I could experience after two months. What a irony, isn't it?

Many a times, I wonder why there is such a disparity of human needs and a long away, the path of aspiration. Though to the heart, each human love to be at his home, but his aspirations and dreams take him further and further away.There is no reason to justify this human nature of which I am also a victim. But I dont have any regret on the same, as this is the path I chose, not forced upon me.

So, I wait still, for the very first drop of happiness, where memories and dreams meet me at the same instance..


Another sick day

These are certain days you and me certainly love to hate most: rushing to office, thinking that the little head ache of early morning will set with the sun and then at office you are shipped out back to home in a cab.

Real weirdo right? I had exactly the same kind of day today. For last 2 days, I have slight signs of my migraine returning back. But as every other human, I ignored the God sent signs and relived myself with pain killer. And the wrath was upon me.

On the first working day of the week (oops, I am in Middle East, it's works like this here),I reached office, pulled down by one of the worst migraine jolt of my life and returned home. Yes, these are certain times, we do feel so badly to home, right with the people you love and who take care of you. But with my wife away at her office(I didn't want to panic her with a distress phone call), and the parents miles away at my home, I am. Content to my realty.

Sleeping half conscious almost whole day, I at some point of my heart expected a call from my colleague or friends, it no. I was supposed to be a loner today. Ad again in my life, I underpinned a statement which I used to teach myself again and again.

At the time of need, you are all alone my dear, except for your shadow.



Do you believe that the view of everyone is same as yours?Does everyone sees the same way as you do? I do not believe so. At least the frame ofvision varies for every person, so are the thoughts
I am curious to understand how people understand the likeness of the subjects irrespective of the fact that they perceive and think differently, but arriving at the same results, when given a same set of constraints. People incline to their views and abilities to come to an conclusion. And the generality of this solution is quite limited to the generality of the thinking of the participants.
All these thoughts took root while I was having breakfast near a glass wall, which was inclined outward towards the top. from that view, I was watching people passing by the outside pavement. All vertically straight and monotonous. I just thought will I be viewing the same if the walls were straight. Does that angle provide any addition or negation to my view? I wasn’t sure. I tried to imagine that wall to be vertical. but, I couldn’t make out any difference within my imagination. Then again I thought why the wall is constructed inclined if it wasn’t meant for a change in view. Maybe it added style to the construction or a part of the whole design. I don’t know. I was quite numb as you are now,
Perspective also varies with the situation. In a situation, that includes you and me, the action of me and you depends on how each of us perceive things. Thinking in others shoes will help in understanding the perspective from both directions and to arrive at a more sensible decisions.
With all these thoughts churning in my head, my Percival of the world is as complex as the neural network that derives these understandings. The complexity of the human thoughts itself makes the perception as inclined and as vertical to the dimension of the world.
As the spoon boy in the movie Matrix says :

Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
There is no spoon

Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Not all the faces

There is a saying in my native. “There are seven of a kind for each person.”
And once I start traveling around, I am finding that the saying is very true to be believed. Of all the new people who enter my life in this new city, I find someone from the past quite similar to him/her. I can say its a coincidence, but always that is not true.
I have noted a lot many similarities in behavior, talks and nature of people which I could relate to some one I know from past. Even if you make an attempt, I believe that you will get the same conclusion.
There are many logics in this world whose explanation is beyond human senses. What we actually do is accept on a reason and passion for the next generation. Our life span is not long enough to find answers to these time consuming questions. Still as humans we have achieved that any other life form could have possibly achieved.
Still we will never be able to explain how perished life return as if recycled. For our convenience, we had invented many stories or myths to support the same, but I know or we all know that is no base foundation for any of these. They are all just lines drawn on water.
I hope to get more inclines or thoughts shared by anybody who is reading this. Because I am also absolutely clueless about this fundamental question.

The desert

Sometimes life takes me into such a mode when I really think the turn I took is really right or not. Driving through one way road with the time is not as easy , where is no reverse and relook at the gaps.
Goals in life makes you dream and make you aspire and inspire yourself. But the inspiration starts to either wither away facing the desert road that is needed to reach the dream.
come on, desert is so hot that it dried up my words also.

May be I will return after finding an oasis…

Locked up

life often bangs you back with such animosity that you even forget the very existence of being alive. 2 weeks in Bangalore and the start of a new career change was more than a stretch filled with hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

I came to Bangalore on April 13th. Quite an inauspicious day but I wanted to join the new working place on a better date. Hence, I reached one day early and first one week was in the heart of the Bangalore City and travelling in the TRAC Volvo buses and I was enjoying the liveliness of the IT City.

But as I moved to the so called PG near the office, I came down to the realities of my present. And more and more, I came back from office to this room to stay at night, I realized how lonely I am. I really started missing my colorful life and the color of my life – My better half.