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Adieus Tehran

Sometimes, words are very hard to find. All the emotions are more expressed on the facial muscles and the pain in the heart. These are times when your tongue gives you away altogether to your own discretion.

Tehran – An year back, it was last place in the world, I wanted to go. But now, it is the last place in the world, from where I want to leave. A city booming with its beauty, all beautiful citizens with their beauty not just on skin, but their hearts too.

It will be hard to believe, when I say, that I have more close friends and acquaintances in here, than  in my home town or anywhere else in India. The intimacy and bond of love, my friends gave me here, made me feel that, language or culture or race or country do not stop you from living a good life or respecting and loving each other. In the company of each of the Iranian and indian friends I have been, I never felt away from home.

I still remember how I left for Iran from India. Said, it’s my home country and my own, I travelled to airport alone, there was nothing with the news that I am leaving India, all was so normal. Even I thought, may be it is just leaving, there is nothing to be indifferent about it.

For all the farewell dinners, I had with my closest friends in here, each parting moments, I knew that neither Farsi or Hindi or any other languages both knew didn’t have enough words to say goodbye to your loved ones and to promise that we will see each other again. It has been a very emotional moments that I am passing through now.

There are many lessons that I am taking back from Tehran. The most important of them is that, it is not the differences, but the empathy to understand each other with all the differences and to know that we are all one by blood and bone makes strong relations.

In a country with such a long history and cultural heritage, I enjoyed each and every place, I have been, more with the company of my dear friend ‘Afshin’. Without him, I would not have learnt so much about the history of places I visited, the tales of kings and the architectural advancement of Persians. Each building, each gateway, each sculpture had a tale to tell and without my expert friend  in Iranian and world history, I would have known less about Persian culture Andy Iran. A also the Sohan from Qom and rose water from Kashan and much more.

The beautiful Caspian, the port cities Ramsar, Anzali and the desert city of Kashan, the snow jewels Dizin and Touchal, the priceless diamonds in National treasure, each of them gifted me memories which will never ever fade away. Walking through the busiest Berlin Street, Firdouse street and the parks helped me understand the life of the people and felt the same as if walking in the busiest streets of India.

There are many more good people who helped me and my family in many situations, where no famiky of friends could have made it. The family of Golnoush, Pardis, Devu, Pradeep,Baiju,Prajod,Ashokan, Sajeev, casanavi, Afshin, Murali,Krishnan and many more made my good moments in Tehran as get togethers, parties and the travels and the each and every moments spend in company and helping each other. These people taught me a lot more to the life which I will carry forth. Thanking them for these moments will be the an injustice to the bond between us. So, the toast will be ‘To Life’.

There is lot more to say than said. And it will never be expressed in words and phrases of any languages we shared, but each of these moments will be played on and on in the scriptless, stageless replay of my memories, where I will always, remember you in each rewinds.

Also, the earth is round and life is a journey. So, will always see you in some cross roads ahead.


Stepping on to the lane

A road trip through the countryside had been always the best refreshing weekends for me. And last week end was something of its kind. A long drive with a new friend who shares the same passion of me in knowing the history and past of the places, I visit. Some one who is very close to my interests and passion.

It all started as a road trip plan to north of Iran. I wasn’t even sure of the destination. All I wanted from the ‘Travel Agency who processed my travel plan was a two day retreat, one night of peaceful sleep away from work and a guide, not a driver who knows English and know ‘where we are going’. I seldom knew that these requirements is going to start a lifetime friendship.

So, as chartered by my travel company, my itinerary included a two day trip from Tehran to Anzali, Roodkhan Castle and the Masouleh Village. Since, I didn’t do any homework to research on these places, I started out blindly.

In the lands of Persian dreams

The last breath of hope, it’s never the last. Things always stop and back in life with old glory and compassion.
I feel the same when I am scribbling these words for my beloved blog.
Things have changed in many ways ever since , I posted by last blog. I am no longer in India. My work has taken me to the beautiful land of persian culture, where people sees hearts in faces than pre assumption. I have lived in multiple places in India, but here I feel a difference, which I cannot express in words.
The beauty of the serene city Tehran is absolutely mind blowing. You can never get a picture of this outlook of Tehran without being actually here. The soft conversations I have with my colleagues, so true and clear like a image in the mirror which makes me feel so home in the company of like minded ness. More and more I experience the cultural enrichment in the life of persians and the value they give to the change of time is much appreciated compared to the complaints I have seen and do see around in the democratic freedom of India.
Few things I learnt from my short 90 plus days in Tehran are quite eye opening to the attitude I had as an Indian. Nationality is a feeling that comes from the pride of being the national. It’s more of feeling light in the achievement of the country than complaining about the lacking.
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The very true statement from the time eternity which is true to tehran. City well maintained, glowing in the night in twinkling city lights, with no tall buildings omitted. Each bridge, high walls painted with images that reflect the Persian glory. Streets where people has the courtesy to not throw the trash around, but use the garbage tins. The government who has commitment to clean up nook and corner of the city everyday morning. It’s quite more than the expected when compared to India.
How much I smiled at strangers in India? How many times I have said wishes to a stranger passing by on road? By now, for it’s nothing but a part of my life. As I said in the beginning, in here, I see the people’s heart in their eyes. I would rather say that the life of the Islamic republic of Iran is not achievements of today, but the heritage of the rich Persian culture in their veins.