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Yesterday : often a piteous word, which points out to the goners. All say live in the present, don’t look at yesterday. yesterday are to be forgotten or lesson learnt and today is new beginning. a view of perspective is quite essential.

I was going through my yesterdays. The days, I was happy, days that brought in tears, days that made me success, days that made me lose, it was a blend of feelings and emotions like a untouched orchestra of a genius, who of course is the God above. For me, each yesterday has something to tell to the present, each of those recalls and reminds me what I should sustain and what I should omit to make my today a better day.

Many a times, the good decisions made in present day are a wholesome effort of all the linked up past experiences that winds together like a decision mechanism. you never know, how you arrived at that decision, but the insight is always the bitter or sweet past that makes you learn and move ahead.

Many has told me that the present actions beholds the future. Of course, what you do today is that makes the tomorrow. But, I do feel to point out that what you do today is decided by how you learnt from your past. How you learnt from all the present that gone past you. There could be a thousand agreements about this view. Of course, that is the basics of human thoughts, which I try to do from my view.

For me, yesterdays, design my today and the redesigns of my present make my future.


Going down to the END

The United States Government has often been criticized for refusing to cut down carbon dioxide emission by American factories and automobiles.

Pileup of such carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is held responsible for the average rise in global temperature, which we often mention as Global Warming.

Today, America is responsible for most of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. American cars, along with American factories, put out more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the other countries of the world put together.

Now, it appears that the global warming is hitting hardest in America’s own backyard. Average temperature in Alaska have risen by at least a degree every ten years, for the past thirty years, with the highest increases happening in winter. Such increases in temperature are very damaging for Alaska.

This is the melting parts of the permafrost, which covers most of Alaska.

Permafrost is never more than a few degrees below freezing point.

Thus, even a small rise in average temperatures could bring it close to melting. The most common problem due to this is huge holes on the surface called thermo karsts.

These holes form, when the surface collapses after buried chunks of ice melt. It is costing Alaska millions of dollars,as roads and other property gets damaged., when the ground suddenly disappears. And if countries do not cut down carbon dioxide and other green house emissions, other parts of the Arctic and Antarctic icy wastes could be the next in the line.

Micro Blogging

Thoughts are invaluable. Once, people were so filled with thoughts that they searched for methods to scribe it down, so that it could be read later. As time passed by, people thought that their ideas and thoughts must be easily sharable. In a form that all could understand. This resulted in the creation of alphabets, languages and we started talking and writing. Ever since, we wrote stories, dreams, accounts, history, discoveries no matter what. we written down everything and anything. We started enjoying reading it too. Without which, there wouldn’t be any libraries , I guess.  Writing was the basic of being a human. Life starts when we starts to speak, and as we learn to write, we start to understand the world. In this busy life, we never thought that the schooling is the first mission that parents entrust the children to know the world and first thing we do in schooling is to learn reading and writing(learning to respect etc. etc. are there, but I meant the basics).

Writing is transformation of thoughts. As we write, our thoughts transforms into words, it then get engraved to the paper as letters. When a third person reads it, the same letters are transformed into the very thoughts, the author had and fills the mind of the reader. Amazing, right? If the words can take you to the same scene that went through the mind of the author, we call them legendary. Those authors stand beyond time. The legends like Shakespeare and Wordsworth still live through their works.

Do we write today? Ever since the computer has evolved, the world of writing has changed a lot. I would rather say, the world has changed miles in last 100 years than it had in last 1000 years. With the discovery of machinery, the humans were no longer tied to human time and speed. machines worked faster and now smarter. So, we are in a process of running fast and writing is still a pure humanly process that requires time to scribe and think what to scribe.

With the evolution of type writers, writing no longer remained the smooth rotation of fingers on paper, but rather straight key strokes. Hand writing wasn’t a limitation, but just choice of fonts and the font size. Arundhathi Roy completed her Booker prize work ‘God of small things’ in her type writer. I believe J K Rowling might have completed the latter versions of Harry Potter in her laptop. But still there was scribbling the thought process to the machine. Along with these, there was another positive evolution that even I am utilising to the at most: Blogging. Ever since the evolution of blogging, no one has to write to editor of some newspaper or magazine and wait to see whether his work published or not. Anyone can blog and find readers for good blogs. All has the freedom to express views and opinions. I would say, Blogging has reinvented writing in modern times. if I take my case, if there wasn’t any blog, I would not have filled in these thoughts out in here. Blog helps me to write when I am free; between my work or during a lazy afternoon. But otherwise, I wouldn’t have found time to make a daily dairy entry or an article writing.

Right now, I am concerned about the new concept evolving in WordPress. The concept of microblogging.

WordPress has released an api for twitter which will allow to blog via twitter. I just wonder, what such a blog would read. Even twitter has gone far beyond its mission goals. Initially, it aimed at broadcasting your current status updates to the friend circle. Now, it is filled with all sorts of messages, personal chats , ads whatever imaginable. And this feature is really going to decrease the quality of blogs in WordPress.com. In due course of time,word press blogs will have  increased number of posts like :

“I’m on my way to office”

“Wow, great traffic Jam”

These will be the future popular blogs in WordPress. Latest trends I found in WordPress is that people has started searching wordpress for quality article, information etc. The number of hits on my blog post “410 years of Globe Theatre” is a very good example. I created that post 3 months ago and even today I am getting 30-40 hits everyday for that post through searches. It’s not the post count, but information and good writings are the one people seek. Micro Blogging will surely increase the post count, not the quality.With the micro blogging getting more popular and WordPress appreciating it, it would be a misery for quality words to come out. And if the micro blogging picks the line, I believe the days of online blogging or I would say digital writing will soon be doomed.

Tips to improve Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is measured by the level of traffic your web site receives from the number of people who visit with the Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa rank has become a defaulto to measure the net worth of a website.

Alexa is a subsidiary of amazon.com and is been unofficially approved as the worth measurer of a website. I just found a cool article by dosh on Alexa rank improving and thought of sharing it. The main steps that could be taken toimprov ethe Alexa Rank is :

  • Install the Alexa toolbar
  • Put up an Alexa rank widget on your website.
  • Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar
  • Get Dugg or Stumbled
  • Optimize your popular posts

Technology That Empowers Me

There was a time when wheels were a technology. Fire was a miracle. And universe was a mystery. These are examples from time immemorial. As time passed, we watched more and more technological advancements with wonder , rejecting most of them at the first impact, but soon learnt to adapt it in daily life. And we even didn’t know, how they merge to become a  part of our lives.

It would be surprising to say in today’s time that once we feared technology more than God. It was something like defying the  path laid down by God. History even reveals the murders committed by churches, temples and other religious groups against those defied religion and believed and laid theirlife for science.  Many of our scientists were considered as devils or worshippers of devil. Most of the inventions took a long time to get implemented in daily life. That is somewhat different from today, where the technology invented a day before and is  shipped to our homes within a week.

Could we think of a technology free day today? Away from alarms, cooking gas, electricity, mobiles, paper and to  all sorts of man made things you can imagine of. Well, if you are stern enough, you may do it on a camping day. But not a routine busy office day. Because without technology, we can’t even move a second in the clock, oops again the technology.

Let me rephrase my thoughts? Are we addictive to technology, dependent of technology, or are we enslaved? Interesting to think huh? Most of the techie guys have either a home computer or laptop. But still we find some pleasure in making a twitter update from the GPRS enabled mobile. How many of us can sleep without a fan or air conditioner running in the bed room? Can we live a day without lights? What if we wake up one day and hear that all reserves of crude oil has just disappeared from the earth’s surface? Shocking , really? This was the same feeling I had, when I was trying  to grasp the reality. The reality is we have no alternatives for all the technologies that we have today and we are just living the days over and over with the hope that it will last forever, undisturbed. As Tim Robbins quotes in the movie ‘ The Shawshank redemption’ –

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things, and good things never ever dies

40 years of Internet

With the dot com boom, internet has substantially evolved as a part of life for majority of world’s educated population. From 2000 to 2009, we have seen 360% hike in internet users.And more importantly,internet has changed from its early essence of holding information and sharing to a mass community to a gathering place where people interact , share and get together on different and common causes. The online communities like facebook, Orkut, Spaces are the places which I am talking about. Moreover, the internet application are on the row. If you take Firefox browser, there is add ons for anything and everything. The number of standalone applications which doesn’t interact with the internet is quite rare. The mobile devices are all now streamed with internet so it makes us always plugged in, messaging and blogging on the run.

40 years of Internet

40 years of Internet

Also, a new life has begun in internet space. A life in front of PC. I am not talking about long hours spend on  blogging, chatting etc, though it does has made a change in techs life style. It’s about the virtual life that the internet provides. If you check the sites like http://www.there.com or http://www.cyodine.com/virtual life, you can see an entire virtual world in front of you. It will let you create a virtual identity of you and will let you live in a virtual world. Something like ‘living in your dreams’. Many of the losers in life or the beginners just get lost dreaming in these virtual worlds. All they lost in life( not all, but at least a lot of them), all that they wish to get in their life will be in front of them behind the screen. This is one of the dumbest application of internet I have ever seen. exploiting the human ability to dream and making money through ads.

There are yet many downfalls of internet like porn, exploits for messaging by terrorist groups, identity theft , credit card frauds etc, but still internet has begun a new age of technological advancement. It is good to read along  that, Internet is celebrating its 40th year of birth this month. It had a silent start as a non commercial project for securely transferring data from one computer to another. It was a military project which later evolved as the largest virtual web of computers around the world.

For every inventions, man has found two faces. The same applies to internet also. But, when I look into the best side of it, I see that internet is allowing me to post my ideas to public, and not writing letter to editor of some news magazine and waiting with the hope, my article will printed someday. The Google always answers me like a God father whenever I am out of words. Gmail,yahoo etc is keeping me in touch of my friends, for whom I may not spend money to call on phone, but always ping on the chat window to know about their day.The freedom, the internet provides is of immense potential. When used properly, it will prove to the Technology that man kind could ever be proud of.