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Life, Death, Life

It was very calm. I was never used to such calmness. But I didn’t feel unusual either. May be the nature is sleeping. How could I know?

I strolled around. It is a lazy early morning and I wasn’t in a mood of hurry. My appetite signalled me that I must get a snack soon. My eyes wandered around. It was just me and me alone. I couldn’t even see any other living thing anywhere near me. Am I the only one in the world now?

As these thoughts are filling my mind, I saw something edible near me. At first, I felt it as an illusion, but as I was lurking forward, I realised the truth. The truth that I found answer to my appetite. I rushed to gulp down my starter and….

I cannot phrase it. All I could feel is the excruciating pain spreading through all my nerves. I felt as if the pain was pulling me from above. In that extreme sense of pain,my eyes went still. All of a sudden, I felt numb. All my senses stood still in the flood of memories rushing inside me.

It was my birthday yesterday. In my community, I am now a fully grown hunter. But the growth from the innocent childhood to savage hunter brought in me a lot of unwelcome changes. I found pleasure in defying those principles, that were once taught by my mother. I found myself right in questioning rather than believing. If it wasn’t my arrogance, I wouldn’t have come so long during the morning strolls. I was so proud of my daring self and my strength.

I felt all those doings are haunting me together. All the pain returned to me at once and my mouth felt wide open. But, I couldn’t open my mouth as I wished. I felt as if my mouth was clamped together. I knew,amidst the pain, that I am pulled up slowly and steadily. The surroundings around me began to dim in the bright light, that was getting stronger by each second. My mother always used to tell me not to wander towards the bright light. She told me, no one returns from there and it’s the light of the death. And I started to believe that I am going to die.

Suddenly I felt as if someone has peeled off my skin. It was very hot.I felt like my skin will  melt, if I was held there any longer. Another frightening thought passed through my mind. Even if I am going to die, it ain’t going to happen sooner enough.

The death isn’t inevitable. It’s for all.Like a cup of last rejoice. Only question is when and how. And here I am, entangles in the chain of prey and predator. As these thoughts drowned me, I felt as if I was picked up.

Ohhh….Another wave of pain and my jaws were once again free. Though pain was filling my senses, I enjoyed the momentary realization of freedom.

Again, I was put on the wet floor. I knew that I can’t stay without breathing for long. Every living cell in me demanded for oxygen. I can feel wind on my skin. But, I couldn’t get what I needed. I wondered how these big creatures around me,of whom mother has warned me a lot, breathed. With everything around me blinding and life closing in, I had a sudden urge to live. An unconditional will to live in the righteous path.

Urge for one last chance.

I was shaking all over. Life was unwillingly leaving me. My body was hitting hard against the ground again and again. My tail was still waving in the air. i could hear the crushing sound of waves near me. In that last second of life, I pushed myself towards the sound of the waves.

I felt to merge myself with water in that moment of life. I was swirling for a moment and splash. I felt the coldness of water on my skin. The comforting wetness and the cold feeling of life returning to me was unbelievable. My wet gills filled me with oxygen of which I was deprived off for a very long time.

And I live again.But not the life I lived so long. A new life, a new beginning. All say life teaches, but for me

Death was the teacher.

A MileApart

He was staring at her. His eyes were locked with her eyes. he could see her that were transfixed on him. He felt like it it keep on looking at him, even if he closed his eyes forever. In her eyes, he saw his entire life winding out again.

Those eyes.. years flew behind him. He was standing at that lonely corridor. He was waiting. he knew she will be coming this way. It was in her he felt his dreams coming true. His aspirations to build life revolved around her and he was waiting. Waiting to her that she will make his life. But he was confused. How will he tell everything in his mind to her, when she is accompanied by her usual ring of friends. he hated them for not giving him his space, for not allowing to make his heart opened out to her. Still he waited with hope. And now he could hear the faint music of her anklets. he always enjoyed that. When she walks, he felt the music of her anklets drives him to another world. And he waited with his eyes transfixed to the end of the corridor from where he could hear her coming. Something stuck him hard. he couldn’t hear the usual chitchat and the  noise that her friends made? Ss she coming alone? Does she knew that He was waiting for him? His heart pounded fast.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. There she comes. A few books were pressed to her bosom, eyes fixed on him, she was walking straight to him. He was stunned. She stood in front of him as if she was waiting for him to speak out. He felt like if he doesn’t speak now, it isn’t going to happen forever.And in that empty corridor of the college, he laid his life in front of her. She heard everything with utter patience. Her eyes gleamed as if she was waiting to hear this for a very long time. And thus,she stepped her foot into his life.

Life –  A long life of togetherness. They enjoyed every moment of it. At times, they were afraid that new life born into their world will take away their love. But they were wrong. The bond they made went stronger and stronger and build a life and gave life to their two children. They lived their life, caring them and watching them make their own life and fly away. They weren’t sad about it. After all, they flew once to live their life.

All their life, her eyes spoke to him and it does today too. These long years of life hasn’t taken that youth of the young girl who decided to share her life with that man who loved her more than his life. And their she sits – right in front of me. Her long jet black hair gave place to white silver lines. her cute cheeks were crumbled by the sagging signs of old age. But still her sweet eyes stared at me, asking me what was in my mind. I shouted out to her, that I still love you more than my life and want you more than ever. But no sound came out of my mouth. Lying in that hospital bed, and watching her beside me, and realizing that the life is bidding farewell to me, I saw her hand right next to my hand. It was a inch away, but I felt it like miles. I couldn’t life my hand to touch her. My eyes looked at her with all the love in the world. As always, she knew my heart. She laid aside me, with her head resting on my shoulders and her hand tied across me.

I felt the warmth of life leaving my body. But my soul could feel the warmth of my love that followed me even at the very end.

Hi all, this is my first feeble attempt towards scribbling my imaginations. Please let me know your valuable inputs as comments.