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Answer that Google cannot give

I am always afraid of questions for which I don’t have answer. And in today’s world of information, the least said is “I will get back to you”. What if, even ‘Google‘ cannot give you the answer to the question asked to you.

Oh yes, if we think, we are safe in the hands of information all over, please do remember the age-old liner in information technology : Information = Processed Data. What if there is no data? Obviously ‘no answer’.

When I was reading the articles commemorating the 15 years of Google, first my thought was about the world without Google. Then, it went towards, the answers Google give us: Whether it’s the truth or the answer Google wants us to have. With my third thought, I shocked myself. Can Google offer answers to questions whose answer lies within humans, not in any paper, records of web pages. Let me throw a question for you.

I hope the lightning stuck where it should. Trust me, even I never thought this bizarre idea of knowing thee when you know the entire world. I started my trial of back tracking my family tree. Winding and unwinding, the chain of relations made me wonder in the labyrinth of names,faces and faces with no names.  So, i decided to take up this venture for my future generations. Because, my past and history cannot be foretold by any search engines, unless I explore. Unless, I speak to all the living links in my family and question their memories.

That’s me on a mission, what about you?