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Life Is Crazy

I always knew and believed that life is a natural changer. Whether we want to, or know it or not, life has its own changes imprinted upon us.

6 years : not a short-term maddy. We had been together for 6 long years. The school life in St Marys wouldn’t be complete without a few names, who are entitled as ‘My School Friends’. I never had such an attachment to any people who walked in and out of my life. But these guys are special.

I am talking about the time, life and transformation and the school guys, all at the same time. How all fit into a perfect portrait? and Life is Crazy?Where in the name of holy ghost did that come from?

I was watching the movie,”Wake Up Sid’, and was enjoying the song “Life is Crazy”. At the same moment, I got the call from one of my school friends. He informed me of a get together at museum grounds. I was so delighted to see old friends.

There were four of us, cracking on the past and present events. It was a great intimate moments for us. I haven’t seen most of them for more than a year or so.. Right from their talks, I realized : the life changes. The cool guys has grown more understanding and has learnt a lot from the life. The irony is that we all hail from the IT industry, though, we all have a different perspective towards the future. That is the transformation that life has brought up on us. We have grown from the careless guys to responsible thinkers. Those light moments and the memories blew a cool wave on me. We talked about having your passion as profession, which many of us couldn’t work out yet.

On my way back home, I was thinking of all those guys and girls who made my school life. And from where we stand now, at different paths of life, we are still brought together by the very memories that paved the base of our existence. Do I sound crazy? nah


Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir: A shame on human ethics

School is where we learn how to treat fellow humans, how to show respect and manners to elders and those who are suffering. My blog is about a school, which I visited yesterday and had the worst of the experience in my lifetime.

The school I am mentioning about is Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, elamakkara, Ernakulam. It is one of the schools in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan group of schools. And I also came to know the schoolis famous for its reputation, fees and the quality of teaching.  Let me explain the situation to the readers and allow the readers to collect their thoughts.This will help to explain my views rather than justifying it.

The school hosted the public exam for ‘Corporation Bank’ clerk selection. And I was accompanying my wife, who was also a candidate. This school was the only venue for Kerala state. So, the number of candidates and the parents accompanying is imaginable. I met candidates from almost all districts of Kerala. The exam was scheduled for 9:30 Am. I reached the school by 7 Am, since  it was too far, and at a place I was not sure off. So, I went to the school straight from the Railway station. This was the case with most of the candidates. Majority of them, who travelled long distances, reached very early.

The scene at the school was like this: Gate closed and chained. The candidates and parents straying on the road. Since the school gate is right on the road side, all that I could do was stroll on the road. As time kept on running,candidates were flooding the road. Still the gate remained closed. By around 9, road was so filled that cars and bikes had to swim through the road. Still, the gate was closed. By 9:15 am, security told that the candidates could enter the school campus. I think all the balloons of emotions burst at that point. The parents asked the security guards, what a kind of school is this? The exam is supposed to be for another  2 hours and till then all are supposed to stand in the sun. And we are told that it’s the principal’s order.Then voices began to raise. Police also arrived at the scene. And later, after so much fuss, all those who accompanied candidates were allowed to rest at the school bus park and adjacent areas, by tree shades or by concrete railings.

Let me ask a few questions to the people reading this? Is this the right kind way a school should behave? I saw a guy with his 1 year old boy in his hands and standing in the sun, while the kid’s mother just entered the school premises to attend the exam.The school have a vast campus and the exam was conducted in some building in the inner blocks. Why can’t they allow the people to rest some where close to gates from the beginning itself? Is this a kind of culture, a school should reflect. Making people suffer and setting an example. If this is the way, they are behaving to strangers, I wonder how students in that school are punished and taught morals. It’s a shame to the entire school. The best thing they could have done is to open 2-3 class rooms near tha gate in the morning itself and allowing the parents to rest there right away. Instead, they reflected their hideous culture to the society.

What is the impact of this school on me? Too simple. I would never even think to send any of my kids to any school under Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. I posted this, because I want public to know about this incident. It may seem rather too unimportant, but I feel a School is a holy place which should strive by example, not by cannibal behaviour.