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Painful Journey

From this week, I shifted to new project and to new office premises. This in turn has increased the distance from home to office by an additional 13 km. The overall 23 km would have been manageable if the road condition was good.

But the 11 km of broken roads, with surprise pot holes had its effect on me from the first day itself. On reaching home, I was having back pain with a much higher severity than the normal ones.

So, I opted for the company bus service from next month. I haven’t used the bus service for office travel in my entire career. So, this is going to be fun. I have already started plans for spending the travel time in a best enjoyable way. The best plan should be to revive my long lost hobby of mine permanently – Reading.

I don’t know how things will work out. But lets wait and see.



Achi – Its been a long time ever since, I have been through the sneeze season. I cannot remember any exact time or reason for getting the cold, but I started sneezing right from the morning workout sessions.

The whole Sunday went through sneezing and the subsequent hangover. I hate wasting a precious leave day, but I didn’t have much choice. I spent the day dropping and picking up wife from the super market(Home shopping is better done by her, I don’t want to get into arguments with choices).

The weather in Chennai is still hot and highly humid despite of a heavy rain in the night, 2 days back. My car looks cleaned. So, it would have been quite a heavy shower.

As usual, I hate going to office on mondays and today is a special day with all my sneezing. Praise the Lord

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HabitShaper – An excellence in Habit building

Human habits have a peculiar nature. Its builds over time. And to become a habit, the impulse got to be a routine. And today’s busy life, the urge to keep up healthy habits are difficult to come. We need rewards, motivation or a companion monitoring your progress. Then, we start excelling on the routine or the habit.

Consistency is the root of habit. We often seen that in armed forces training, the trainees often break their own limits and push forward. Thats is because their mind is set not to get punished by superiors by failure. They are motivated to push. What if a software can make a routine plan for you that gradually builds your goal plan and finally takes you to the goal, provided you don’t cheat by skipping days. I give you

Habit Shaper – http://habitshaper.com/

Habit shaper is a wonder software that helps you set goals, monitor the progress, present your progress in attractive graphs, and does the ultimate goal- increase the urge to make the graph go higher and higher. I have been using this product for 3 days and I can see the results in my life. Great handy homely product for any person with a busy schedule. Give it a try, you will love it for sure. I will be letting all know, how this magic software is perfecting my jog timings, how much I blog and how much I do many things better and better.

Wind Of Change

After 18 months in the company, I am on a transition phase. I am moving to a new team. It’s always quite exciting to have a change. After all, I can’t live with same job over and over, again and again, on every following day. If I was happy with that, I would have chosen a  clerical job in a government cadre. But, I am more bearable to changes and this change was welcomed.

The day went on with requesting access to new servers, user roles, etc. Also, heard a lecture by Shashi Tarur on ” Why Nations should pursue Soft Power?”. A very inspiring speech. The way he  showcased India before the world was awesome. His words were simple but elegant. He was a true Indian during the delivery. Saying this, I am not showing any allegiance to his political and off political views or affairs. But, I admire him just for the moment he stood and used his soft skills to prove that India is one of the fastest growing power out there, in all the fieldsl. The words were patriotic and well commenced. Great Work Tarur. The speech could be viewed at “My Awesome India”  blog.


To the end of the day, I had the resolve to work out at gym. The bulging stomach is throwing me concerns. Better late than never. So, a lot left to read before sleep. Cya…

Work-Life balance –a practical perspective

"Work-life balance was coined in 1986 in reaction to the unhealthy choice many were making in favour of the workplace, as they opted to neglect family, friends and leisure activities in pursuit of corporate goals," according to the Work-Life Balance Centre, a Newton Burgoland, Leicestershire, UK.-based think tank and council dedicated to helping workers gain control of their workloads.

Since the late 1980s, achieving work-life balance has become a concern and goal for businesses, industry and governments worldwide.

When one stops to consider the different areas of life, there are several that require thoughtful attention. If one thinks about it in terms of a pie-chart, each of these areas makes up one piece of that pie, such as Career, Relationships (spouse, family and friends community, colleagues / networking), Spirit (religion / spiritual development), Body (health and fitness), Mind (personal development and lifelong learning), Physical environment (home, office, or car), Finances & Fun and Leisure.

There is a great story. It goes something like this. There was a man who visited a circus. When he saw the clown balancing several objects simultaneously, he was so impressed he sought out the clown after the show. The man asked the clown how he managed to keep all the objects in such perfect balance. The clown replied that he wasn’t balancing the objects at all; he was trying to keep them all from crashing to the ground.

The moral, of course, is that balance is not a perfect state. There are always little fluctuations going on to maintain what appears as balance.

Balance means that nothing is absolutely static and unchanging. One can get out of balance for many reasons: –

  1. Priorities and circumstances change.
  2. Resentment builds when you habitually work long hours, forsake leisure time and neglect personal goals.
  3. One might be trying to fit in with someone else’s definition of a ‘good’ lifestyle.

Having work-life balance thus means that one must also be able to make the decisions about what one is going to do in any given moment.

5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

1. Figure Out What Really Matters to You in Life

Personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang, author of NOW WHAT? 90 Days to a New Life Direction, says getting your priorities clear is the first and most essential step toward achieving a well-balanced life. The important point here is to figure out what you want your priorities to be, not what you think they should be.

"I use an exercise for figuring out what matters most," Fortgang tells WebMD. She has her clients take a couple days off from work to contemplate the following series of questions:

1. If my life could focus on one thing and one thing only, what would that be?
2. If I could add a second thing, what would that be?
3. A third?
4. A fourth?
5. A fifth?

If you answer thoughtfully and honestly, the result will be a list of your top five priorities. Fortgang says a typical top-five list might include some of the following:



Satisfying career

Community service





Hobbies, such as gardening


Ismael Al-Ramahi, a graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine, says his current priorities are his wife, his 4-month-old son, and his research. He tells WebMD the key is not only knowing your priorities, but devoting your full attention to just one priority at a time. "Split your time and your mind so that you’re thinking about work when you’re at work and you’re paying attention to the baby when you’re with him."


2. Drop Unnecessary Activities

By making a concrete list of what really matters to you, you may discover you’re devoting too much time to activities that aren’t a priority, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Since having a baby, Al-Ramahi says he and his wife have become much more efficient in managing their time — cutting back on television, for example.

If at all possible, Fortgang recommends dropping any commitments and pursuits that don’t make your top-five list, because "unnecessary activities keep you away from the things that matter to you."


3. Protect Your Private Time

You would probably think twice before skipping out on work, a parent-teacher conference, or a doctor’s appointment. Your private time deserves the same respect. "Carve out hours that contribute to yourself and your relationship," says Stevan Hobfoll, PhD, distinguished professor of psychology at Kent State University, and co-author of Work Won’t Love You Back: The Dual Career Couple’s Survival Guide. Guard this personal time fervently and don’t let work or other distractions intrude. "Stop checking email and cell phones so often," Hobfoll advises. "Few people are so important that they need their phones on at all times."

If work consistently interferes with your personal time, Hobfoll recommends discussing some adjustments with your boss. "There’s a mythology in the workplace that more hours means more," he tells WebMD. Demonstrate that you can deliver the same or better results in fewer hours. Your job performance "should never be judged in terms of hours of input," Hobfoll says. Protecting your private time often leads to "greater satisfaction in both work life and personal life, greater productivity, and more creativity."

If you’re your own boss, it’s up to you to create boundaries that keep work from intruding on family time. Lachlan Brown is president of Tech for People, a small business consulting firm specializing in Internet marketing. "I make it very clear at the beginning of any new business relationship that if I work nights and/or weekends then this is purely by choice," he tells WebMD. "I’ve told clients more than once that if they call me at night or on the weekend that they shouldn’t expect me to a) answer the phone and b) reply until the next business day."

Brown, who has a 9-month-old daughter, doesn’t see his reluctance to work after hours as compromising his career but quite the opposite. "I believe that if I truly honour the different aspects of my life, such as work, play, and family, I will be more successful and fulfilled in each area. If I skimp on family time or ‘me’ time, then my success in my career will suffer as a result. I look to my daughter to remind me of how to be open-minded and excited and curious about life … key ingredients for innovative, breakthrough thinking. If I don’t spend time with her now, this opportunity will be lost forever."

4. Accept Help to Balance Your Life

Allow yourself to rely on your partner, family members, or friends — anyone who can watch the kids or run an errand while you focus on other top priorities. "Try tag-teaming," Hobfoll suggests. "One spouse works out before dinner, one after dinner, while the other watches the kids."

To get more alone-time with your partner, accept babysitting offers from friends and family, or try arranging a regular trade-off with another couple. "’I’ll watch your kids this Saturday if you watch mine next Saturday.’ Tag-teaming is a great way to create extra free time," Hobfoll says.

5. Plan Fun and Relaxation

Fun and relaxation are an essential part of living a well-balanced life. That’s why Brown makes time for weekly guitar lessons, a yoga class, a date night with his wife, and a guys’ night out a couple times a month. In addition, he exercises on a trampoline in his backyard most days of the week. How does he squeeze in all this playtime while running his business and sharing the responsibilities of raising a daughter? "If you believe that the most important thing is to be happy in life (not when I’m a millionaire or when I retire but right now) then you can always make time."

Until you get into the habit of taking time for yourself, set aside space in your planner for relaxation and fun. Plan what you’re going to do and make any necessary arrangements, such as childcare, to ensure you’ll be able to keep your commitment. "Remember, you make time for what you want to make time for," Fortgang says. If something is important to you, don’t brush it aside with a dismissive "I don’t have time for that." You are in charge of your own schedule — it’s up to you to make time.

Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Make Your Life & Work Balanced !!!!

A Long Break

Its been a quite while since I have shouted out on my Blog. I was kept away by a hefty schedule, that required my attention all the way. I had a lot of broken sleeps which were consumed by picturesque dreams, but I didn’t have the bandwidth to scribble it down.

Last couple of weeks didn’t have much for me except the work. I used to read my fellow blogger sites. I enjoyed Chitz’s home coming scribes, Naru’s Bangalore tales etc. An important turnout in these weeks is that I became a facebook addict. I had a facebook account for a while, but never used it much. But the work sequence demanded a break and I fell for the facebook application – Farmville. It is a runaway, a virtual farm where I ploughed, seeded and harvested. Though sounds silly, I really loved the community feature that the application provides and the graphics and its overall design. I didnt try any other FB application in the fear that I may become addicted to that too. So, I limited my addiction to farmville alone.

Tea wakes me up in the morning

Everyone has a startup gear. And for me,  it’s the hot tea right in my favourite cup. I am a lazy morning wake and I need something to push me from the lazy hangover to the start of the day. And the tea does it.
Most of the days,I sleep late. So, the morning is quite tired and sleepy. And the first cup of tea makes the required boost. And after that, sometimes, a few pull ups on the kitchen, makes me pumping with energy.
So, that’s my day break. I am sure all of you have something of the sort to start the day.comment me and let the Bloggerville know.