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Wild Amazon : A Barbeque Fiesta in Chennai

My habit of not taking surprises when it comes to food is a very old one. Especially, when I am taking my friends or family to dinner. My experiments about a new joint is usually alone. I take chances and then review it. If it touches my heart, then I take the privilege to take my family and friends over there. Else, I wont recommend the same place to them.

But yesterday was different. The decision was quick. My wife and myself decided to have the dinner outdoors. I decided to go to the tried and tested Barbeque Nation in T Nagar. But to my bad luck(I don’t think so now), they had all their tables booked for the evening.

So, as an adhoc option, I booked a table at Al-Arab restaurant(Barbeque division of Wild Amazon), who specializes in barbeque buffet. The table was booked for 7:30 Pm and I reached there by 7:25 Pm.


The reception has good. My name was already there in the guest list. So, I straight away moved to the third floor. A quick left from the life corridor, and man, I was impressed. Beautifully lit table spaces and, spaciously arranged tables and waiters in traditional Arab wardrobes. ‘Al-Arab’, now I realized that it isn’t just a name. They mean it in all sense.


First, lassie(sugared butter milk) was served. I am not much of a fan of it. So, no comments. Next was a quarter of shawarma, slice of grilled chicken and a single piece of date filled with bits of cashew and resin. Each of the dish above as equally commendable. Special applause to that single piece of dates. I has never ever in my life tasted dates so fresh and sweet. For a moment, I was in a lushly green oasis, tasting dates right away.

Then a tray of blistering coal was placed in the space in the middle of table and grills of prawn, sear fish, chicken, vegetable delights including potato, mushroom, Paneer and mixed fruits were placed one after another. The recipes were authentic middle east delicacies and blended smoothly over my taste buds.

After I had enough of these grilled starters, I did not have much space to spread evenly on the main courses of the buffet. But I tasted all of the dishes on the menu and relished it very much. The idea of rotating few Indian cuisines every week added from spice to the Arabian serves.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 1: A disappointment



I was very much enthusiastic about this version of the Harry Potter series. After the grumpy half blood prince version, the hypes and the reviews were much higher about the first part of the climax. The significant highlights of the pre release were

  • The movie is split into parts to show more justice to the book.
  • The kids are grown up to face the inevitable and hence the storyline is supposed to be a more of an action packed stuff.
  • The climax of the movie was awaited, since its just the part of the whole wind down, the place where it end to begin was a bit curious.

Now back to the reality. The visual effects were quite marvelous. It very well did justice to Rowling’s imaginations, as it did in all the prequels. I would say, one of the best three of the ‘Harry Potter’ series with respect to visual effects.

The kids of past has came well beyond the age to produce few quality smooches. Hermione and Harry Potter sequence while Ron destroys the Horcrux, was quite edgy.

Though not possible to redraw the entire book on the screen, I felt, many key events in the book has been missed out. Like, the past of ‘Dumbledore’, Harry possessing the eye of Mad Eye from the ministry, Harry using invisibility Clock in the ministry etc.

Back ground score was terrible, If they used that kind of music for highlighting the horror and the drenched situations, the music didnt do much good. At most places, it didn’t come along quite well.

I would rate this movie as 6/10.