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Three Way Rivaltries – Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads



Among shallow white women an antagonism exists between these three hair-colors, and it is 100% based on stereotype. Blondes, to begin with, are typically thought of as less intelligent than brunettes, but also more attractive and—presumably because of this— they “have more fun”. While it is true that poll results show most men would rather date a blonde woman, a majority report preferring to marry a brunette one, following the belief that brunettes are smarter and more competent. Redheads, the least common group, are the X-factor in this dynamic. They are said to be more passionate, less patient, and far more sexually energetic. One juicy piece of trivia: Redhead are scientifically proven to be more tolerant to electrically-induced pain than are non-Redheads. They are, however, more vulnerable to pain that is thermally-induced. You’re welcome for that.