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US Army in Pakistan?

We were on a lot of speculations for the last couple of months. The annihilation of Taliban and Al- Qaeda in Afghanistan led to the migration of terror centre to Pakistan. Together with the local militant groups, they became a national terror to Pakistan itself.

Pakistan and Terrorism is not a new chapter. Ever since the independence of Bangladesh, Pakistan has been creating and nourishing militant groups, funding them with money and weapons and infiltrating them to Kashmir. Their aim was to breed religious riots and breakup the secularity in the minds of common man.And finally a separation of the state, as that happened in 1947. This dream of Pakistan was never fulfilled. And as it is said, now Pakistan is terrorized by their own snakes.

In this climate, the address of Obama has much significance to the future of Pakistan. He has made clear statement that it is the responsibility of the Pakistan to eliminate the internal militant groups. Upon failing, there could a direct interaction of US in this regard. The intervention is none other than the landing of US troops in Pak soil.

There is another alarming situation warned by US Intelligence. The weak internal security of Pakistan may allow the militants to get on the nuclear weaponry. And if any such scenario occurs, their first and foremost sweet target will be India.

And when it comes to Pakistan, the experiences were always being bitter for India. The final count down of terrorism in Pakistan must be watched carefully. There is likely and undeniable possibility of insurgence across Pak borders to India. We should not open borders to these religious murders and disturb the peace in our lands.

The fate of Pakistan is decided by its past. Let them realize at this point that destruction is to them who dreams the destruction of neighbors.


A notch on politics

I am not a political kind of person. Neither I keep any interest in specific political party or supports them. But, I do have views independent of any of their agendas. Views on how the politics should work for the benefit of the people and the country.
It just got to my mind, when I went through the candidature list of my area, reading of candidates from various political parties contesting to be the members of Indian parliament. And I got specific interest in one of the candidate, about whom I will be discussing today.
For the information of my non Indian Bloggerville residents, India has 26 states and each state has many districts. There will be 1-6 political constituencies in each of the district. I reside on Kerala state and in the Trivandrum district.
So, this candidate, about whom I am talking was born in Kerala, in Palakkad district, not in my district where he stood for the election. I am pretty sure, he doesn’t even know the roads in trivandrum, so better as even a 6 year school going child in Trivandrum does. Second, at the age of 18, he left to overseas for studies. Then, after studies, he got job as “United Nations Under secretary”.So,this may be his first visit to trivandrum, or perhaps, to India itself, that too after the offer for standing in the elections, by the political party supporting him. So, the strong point that makes me against him is that, he never knew the place, people or their problems , where he stood for the elections.
Second, there are too things to wonder? Why he was offered a seat to stand for elections and why did he accept it? Here are my views. It’s a public fact that this guy is a very rich man. He has lot of financial assets both in India and abroad. So, one thing the political party can be assured of in this deal is the vast funds he can offer for the election campaign and the consequent party advertisements and field work. Next, the reason for which he might have accepted the offer to stand for election, is because, the best deal the political party could offer him is, if he wins and the party has majority in the parliament, then, he will be awarded with post of “external affairs minister” in Indian ministry. I am pretty sure, it would be his dream job, after serving so many years in United Nations. It will be a glamor career change for him. I don’t hide the point that, he is well qualified for the post. He has the education, experience and the caliber to take on that post.
Another point that I emphasis is, he used his power of voting as a citizen during this election for the first time, and too at a age of 38 and when he itself is the candidate. In India, a citizen can vote from the age of 18, and he never even thought for getting his voter’s Identity card, until it was required for him to stand in election. If he wasn’t standing for elections, he would not have even voted in this elections too. Or may be until the day he returns to India(or will such a day come), to settle down for life.The fact that hurt me most is that he was kinda proud in announcing this fact publicly after the elections. He should be ashamed to consider himself as a Indian citizen , at least to declare himself as a candidate to represent a constituency in the India Parliament.
And now, what if the people rule him out? What if they think that he is unworthy of representing them ,and gets him down in the elections? Well, he will return abroad, from where he came. He will resume his career, in the same or much better way. He has nothing to lose. Also, the political party, a single defeat won’t be a big trouble, until the margin gets so tight. But still, the money received will stand high.
It will be just the people who will be the jesters on this whole political melodrama.