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Little Joy of Life

Life is the most undefined mystery in all the dimensions we know. No matter, how advanced we are in science, mystics or in myths, we have never been able to explain the meaning of life in full, just because of its most simplest reason : diversity.

For each life form on earth, there is an defined purpose, which they carry out with at most uncertainty of completion. Each spark of life flames to splinder and blaze and in some uncertain moment turns to ashes. With this line clearly drawn, knowing the ultimate fact, that there is an end to the road, let me walk through few life cycles which I have come across in my life.

When I was a child, I used to sit at the porch of my house and used to look at the life around me. Butter flies in the small garden of my mother’s, people in their daily life, walking by the road, and also the line of ants which carry out its daily routine of food collection. With the remembrance of some science class hours, I used to draw line in their path. I was amused to see how science worked as ants lost their path as the trail of hormone path was wiped off. I used to be cruel too applying death without knowing the meaning to those tiny form of life.

Writing this at this point of life, I do feel sorry for what I did. But I do think this : what was the purpose of life of those small ants? in their tiny span of life, they were busy collecting food for their colony, hard working to the limit without even knowing that the life is about to end at the finger tips of another life.

There are many small fishes in the ocean which live together in multitude of numbers. The only purpose in their short life is to become food for other life. Their life was created in this world to nourish the life of other life and that is their purpose.

Coming back to the human life, the diversity is more vivid as life itself is woven in different colors. For a street life, the most importance reason of life is find a way for daily bread where as there are other forms of life, whose major concern is what new feature Apple is introducing next. In all these, what I find common is the ‘Joy of Life’.

Any life born on earth, no matter, how feeble or great it is, does enjoy every moment it is alive. what ever be the purpose, whatever be the need and cause, each ticking moment is a joy forever. I recall the famous words of Keats that point this and also the urge to have as much joyous moments ever

A think of beauty is a joy forever,

How can I ever bid farewell to these joys..

Burning the midnight oil

An old saying isn’t it? But sometime, it is quite natural that I have to stay awake to complete a schedule and remember this phrase and smile at it. Because, there is no point in remorse since, it is part of  my life and maybe many around us . So, only option is to smile at that famous words and say “oil is meant for burning, either at midnight or day”

Life is a mystery, no matter in what ever ways we try to justify. Recently, I was watching few of BBC’s nature videos about the different parts of  earth. I was amazed by the diversity and the complexity of life. Life itself is a great challenge where all living organism has only three aspects:

  • Fulfilling its part in the greater food chain
  • Reproduction for the continuity of life
  • Raise the offspring (not mandatory in some species) till they can get their own food.

Life in all living things is confined to these three predicaments expect for humans. This is the exact point, where I don’t understand the stupidity of the human intelligence.  Man improved the life, health and the overall cause of the existence of race. But, in the cycle of life, how can I justify that I am ‘burning the mid night oil’ for few Dollars, which do not have any meaning to complete the life cycle in earth.

What is the meaning or place of for a concept called money in the life chain. Man made it, and made the entire life cycle complex. The intellectual thinking of humans has both helped and destroyed the whole concept of living and life on earth.

  • Humans are the only life that kills for fun
  • Humans are the only life that resists to a part of greater food chain and already destroyed the life balance by spreading and growing like a virus.
  • Humans are the only life that consumes natural resources more than the necessity to sustain life

The result is that when the life first appeared on earth and started the continuous re orientation to reach stability, the first mistake in chain happened in the form of  evolution that created man. The evolution that created man was not meant to be, not atleast in the way that, in the life span which is much shorter compared to big picture, majority to time is spend on

  • learning to make money
  • Working to make money
  • Teaching offspring to make money
  • Sharing the wealth to offspring to have a base to make money

Seriously dude, I cannot see life here 🙂 may be I already burned too much oil…..