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IPL Spot Fixing

For last one week, the front pages of all newspapers and prime time news of visual media is filled with the spot fixing updates  in the 2013 edition of IPL. Till today, I was following these news and was waiting for the finals and as not expected, the favorites lost to the more formidable team.

My opinion as expressed below is only righteous to my freedom of speech and is not intended to hurt anyone’s opinion or thinking.

When I was of age of 6-7, there was craze among us kids, to collect the stickers and name slips of WWF stars. Hulk Hogan, Rock, Kane, the list was big, but the craze was immense. We exchanged, bought, bartered with passion. As years passed, the stickers moved away for trump cards of WWF. Having a whole set to play on, was considered an asset. And, also, by that age, we used to watch the WWF matches on TV. Though, we watched and bet for stickers and cards for each match, we all were aware that the result of match is fixed and the entire fight and show-off are part of showbiz. The ultimate aim was entertainment for us, and money for the participants.

We never complained, the matches went on, and still today, WWF goes on with new faces and new formats. We all know, it is not do or die matches where the titans fight for flesh and blood to win the title. We still watch it with the same passion and awareness that, its ‘entertainment’.

That’s doesn’t mean that everything is the same with Sports. The ‘Showbiz’ and sports are two opposite lanes. They never mix together. When the sprinter forces his last breath of force to cover the final meters in Olympics 100m run, his heart fills with the image of that small gold medal waiting for him. The moment, he will be on that podium, the gold medal on his chest, his name written for eternity in the history of sports. It cannot be booked or bought with money. There, money has least place, because, its sports, its achievement.

Now coming back to cricket, The matches which alleged for ‘Spot Fixing‘ were not international matches, or International events, where teams represented their country. In those cases, they must arrested as they committed crime against the country. Also, the doping cases, in the international events, where athletes represent their country, get punished with Life Ban which is justifiable.

A ‘ShowBiz’ like IPL which is designed with money, run with money and is an investment for money by all stakeholders. It’s not about the fair play or sportsman spirit, it’s about ‘entertainment’ and ‘money’. So, the people who wish to see fair play matches, please watch the games or tournaments made for it. Let WWF and IPL run in its own design..