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Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 1: A disappointment



I was very much enthusiastic about this version of the Harry Potter series. After the grumpy half blood prince version, the hypes and the reviews were much higher about the first part of the climax. The significant highlights of the pre release were

  • The movie is split into parts to show more justice to the book.
  • The kids are grown up to face the inevitable and hence the storyline is supposed to be a more of an action packed stuff.
  • The climax of the movie was awaited, since its just the part of the whole wind down, the place where it end to begin was a bit curious.

Now back to the reality. The visual effects were quite marvelous. It very well did justice to Rowling’s imaginations, as it did in all the prequels. I would say, one of the best three of the ‘Harry Potter’ series with respect to visual effects.

The kids of past has came well beyond the age to produce few quality smooches. Hermione and Harry Potter sequence while Ron destroys the Horcrux, was quite edgy.

Though not possible to redraw the entire book on the screen, I felt, many key events in the book has been missed out. Like, the past of ‘Dumbledore’, Harry possessing the eye of Mad Eye from the ministry, Harry using invisibility Clock in the ministry etc.

Back ground score was terrible, If they used that kind of music for highlighting the horror and the drenched situations, the music didnt do much good. At most places, it didn’t come along quite well.

I would rate this movie as 6/10.


Inception Ripped-Off Scrooge McDuckand The Beagle Boys!

Inception Ripped-Off Scrooge McDuck & The Beagle Boys!

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Holy cow. CAUGHT! Christopher Nolan should go for a swim in a giant vault filled with gold JAIL CELLS! (Huh?) The point is: this is an incredible rip-off! (And apparently, the awesome floating hallway fight-scene that everyone loves so much was taken directly from a GummiBears Christmas Special.) In the original comic from which Christopher Nolan wholesale stole his idea, Scrooge McDuck’s totem is a 25-pound bar of solid gold. His limbo is an endless desert where each grain of sand is actually a microscopic gold coin. “All I want to do is go home and see my nephews and make sure they aren’t touching any of my stuff, I hate them, and this is my chance.” Your duck-mind is the scene of the duck-crime! And other cross-over Inception/Scrooge McDuck jokes. You can read the full comic here, or download a PDF here. (Via IWatchStuff.)

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kites Day 1 Gross

The marketing blitzkrieg for Kites by Reliance BIG Pictures seems to have paid of with the film grossing Rs 21 crores on opening day in India – the second highest ever in Bollywood (after 3 idiots).

The aggressive promos had already set the temperature soaring for the Rakesh Roshan film starring Hritik Roshan and Barbara Mori making it among most awaited releases of Summer 2010.

“We were very aggressive in our marketing strategy and released the film across 2500 screens in 30 countries. This is the widest release ever for a Bollywood movie. There were 10,000 shows on the opening day, which is also a record,” says Mr Sanjeev Lamba, CEO, Reliance BIG Pictures.

Kites was marketed aggressively worldwide in the run-up to the release and created a lot of excitement and curiosity. The film grossed over Rs 21 crores on the opening day, the second highest opening in India ever and is expected to have a bumper weekend.

The film has done well overseas too, and opened to full houses. The international version of Kites – Kites Remix – is being presented by Hollywood director Brett Ratner of X-Men and Rush Hour 3 fame. The film will open worldwide next Friday.

Source: Economic Times

Karthik Calling Karthik

It seems very late to write a review about a movie that was released months back, but as usual, I do a review for my personal satisfaction, after I watch it.

So, the pick of the day was “Karthik Calling Karthik”.  Starring Solid Farhan Akhtar and gorgeous Deepika Padukone, the film has one of the best first half resembling a hollywood thriller. It maintained suspense and made me wait for the final wind down. The debutant director has proven that he definitely got the flare to experiment with new concepts. But the climax weighed very light and was less impressive. The script was weak and except for the out performance by ‘Farhan Akthar’, enacting the both halfs of the suicidal Karthik and the winner was impressive. Despite the weak script, the in borne film maker within Farhan had him deliver beautifully. Deepika, was just a filler with micro  skirts and hippy jean shorts. She looked hot in the new hair cut, and in the end, what she left over in the movie was just the looks.

Avatar : Movie Review

Disclaimer : Contains no Spoilers.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the first taste of ‘Avatar’. In Indian Mythology, Avatar means ‘Incarnation’. And  for me, James Cameroon’s Avatar is a new incarnation of movie industry.

As expected it was a house full show at Sree Padmanabha. I sailed through the crowd to buckle my seats. Even before the action flared, I had a good spectacle of the iMax 3D technology on the run. The ads of ‘Christmas Carol’ were awesome. I have seen 3D movies before. But not something like this. I felt as if I am standing near to the camera and having the reels viewed in real life perspective.

Avatar is a new evolution of motion technology. It’s uncomparable to the conventional 3D technology. Along with the technology, Cameroon’s awesome story, the bright and vivid colors of Pandora are breath-taking. With this movie, he has also addressed the lost bond between the nature and humans.

I would full marks for all aspects of the movie. Storyline, Graphics, action, heart touching moments, and Climax. It is a very fine mix of all.

I don’t want to give any hint on the story at this point. The movie is a treat and is a must watch.

So excited for “Avatar”


Having a movie ticket and a 3D glass on your pocket is nothing less exciting. I am all geared for experiencing the new Cameroon flick “Avatar”. I had to reserve 3 days ahead to get ticket. The box office collection going good and with legend of Cameroon following Aliens, Terminator 1-2 and the epic Titanic, the movie is another block buster.

So, let me buckle up for the matinée and do return for the movie review.


I have always been a fan of Nicholas Cage. And his 2009 release ‘Knowing’, interested me initially only because of his presence. I didn’t find much boom for this movie in the IMDB rating, but I decided to watch it.

The movie began with a flashback. Set 50 years ago, a school has its students prepare notes for a time capsule which is supposed to be opened only 50 years later i.e. 2009. This very  idea came from a nerd looking girl. The girl itself generated a sense of interest and Gothic ambience in me. Few things about her remained unanswered till the end of the movie and this kept the interest in the movie going. The strange look in her eyes, the suspense she created by writing a sequence of numbers for the time capsule instead of a picture as told by the teacher : All in all,the movie had substance in the beginning.

Year 2009 : Introduces Nicholas Cage, an expert mathematician and professor ,who was interested in the magic of numbers as well as a caring father,who loved his son more than anything in this world. When the school opened the time capsule, his son gets the letter written by the girl 50 years ago. Then the movie rolls with Cage deciphering the numbers to date, death count, latitude and longitude of the place of major disasters in 50 years of history. To his interest, the girl predicted in her numbers, all the major disasters between 1959 to 2009. And for 2009, she had the date, but the death toll was scribbled as ‘e’, which is apparently infinity.

The appearance of men from outer space created a fantasy feel to the movie. But still, the D day animation with sun flares melting down the earth was a marvelous work. Also, an air plane crash was filmed with absolute geniuses.

The movie captivated me for its theme, the music that blended well with the theme and the excellent graphics used in the movie, which looked so natural.

The only con I felt was the landing of the children(I havent mentioned entire story, since it’s a worth watch) in a heaven like planet with the tree of knowledge in the centre. I just realized that the aliens left the earth children there to have a new beginning.

A start over….