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Wet Drives on a Monsoon Morning

The sky in Trivandrum is getting cloudy. Another monsoon on the limelight, and the day ahead promises a lot of  wet muddy roads, pools in the miniature pot holes and cloudy noisy nights with rain  rattling against the window panes. The sun has been angry for last couple of months. The unbearable heat took the toll right from the morning to late night. High humidity added to the discomfort and the broken sleeps. Amidst of all these, the  rains are a boon. Moreover, rains in the city raises a lot of nostalgic memories.

I got the first taste of this monsoon, when I wake up in the morning, with the wind blowing the curtains up and the drops of rain rushing into my room. Ever since, the heat became unbearable at night, I had the habit of leaving a window open. That welcomed the rain to my room. When I started for the office early morning, the sky was cloud laden. The rain clouds filled the horizon and promised me a wet day. And wet indeed. The drive to the office had my wiper of the car working hard to keep my view intact. After quite a couple of months, I had a cold morning, surely relieving, I must say.

Rains always had a part in the life of people around here, especially for me. In my school days, the opening ceremony of school after the summer breaks are always accompanied by monsoons. The child’s heart after a long vacation and back to school benches are reflected in the dark frowning sky. But, the lightning of smiles when friends gang regroups are much to a relief for the year ahead. The morning rain took me back to those old memories.

Though, the rains are bringing back sweet memories, it is also posing a dangerous outrage in southern states of India. Right now, I read news that, the storm in Andhra Pradesh is getting stronger and the winds are blowing at a brisk rate of 120 Km/hr. Really outrageous. Last time, when monsoons devastated the South Asian region was when Tsunami stuck. I hope, this year the monsoon goes away sweetly.