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Sublime Darkness

Darkness being the absence of light or light absorbed within?

Or a state of absolute nothing!

I wonder the void. is it possible to have nothing? Even the most virtual form of matter – the complicated inner self called ‘mind’ is very not void. Seldom are moments when the mind is blank, The most dormant state of mind; the sleep is not void but filled with dreams.

It is very complicated to perceive void or being nothing. No matter how the human science define it in terms of time, space and matter, it is evidently illogical to visualize or accept.

The time stood still

The life begins with a violent motion of emotions. An oscillatory motion to eject a torch-bearer in a linear motion to start the constant thump of life from that moment to the inevitable end, each cell is born and sheds serving its purpose all the way along.

Human thoughts are always constrained to the limits set by perception of ocular senses and thought. Any idea or vision beyond the logic defined by them are considered to supernatural or madness.

Our senses perceive the swaying of trees to wind, makes leaves fall. Science explains that wind is caused by atmospheric variations etc. But what could not be a logical explanation is that tree is shaking is away a dead leaf from its branches and hence stirring the air around if. I can feel wind on my face, if I wave my hand. Why can’t be the same with the tree? It is because the human senses defined the logic that trees are rooted  and cannot move.

Except for the logic we have created for our inquisitive minds, do we really have answer to who we are, what life is, its purpose and thereafter.

We are still in sublime darkness not knowing what darkness is.


Little Joy of Life

Life is the most undefined mystery in all the dimensions we know. No matter, how advanced we are in science, mystics or in myths, we have never been able to explain the meaning of life in full, just because of its most simplest reason : diversity.

For each life form on earth, there is an defined purpose, which they carry out with at most uncertainty of completion. Each spark of life flames to splinder and blaze and in some uncertain moment turns to ashes. With this line clearly drawn, knowing the ultimate fact, that there is an end to the road, let me walk through few life cycles which I have come across in my life.

When I was a child, I used to sit at the porch of my house and used to look at the life around me. Butter flies in the small garden of my mother’s, people in their daily life, walking by the road, and also the line of ants which carry out its daily routine of food collection. With the remembrance of some science class hours, I used to draw line in their path. I was amused to see how science worked as ants lost their path as the trail of hormone path was wiped off. I used to be cruel too applying death without knowing the meaning to those tiny form of life.

Writing this at this point of life, I do feel sorry for what I did. But I do think this : what was the purpose of life of those small ants? in their tiny span of life, they were busy collecting food for their colony, hard working to the limit without even knowing that the life is about to end at the finger tips of another life.

There are many small fishes in the ocean which live together in multitude of numbers. The only purpose in their short life is to become food for other life. Their life was created in this world to nourish the life of other life and that is their purpose.

Coming back to the human life, the diversity is more vivid as life itself is woven in different colors. For a street life, the most importance reason of life is find a way for daily bread where as there are other forms of life, whose major concern is what new feature Apple is introducing next. In all these, what I find common is the ‘Joy of Life’.

Any life born on earth, no matter, how feeble or great it is, does enjoy every moment it is alive. what ever be the purpose, whatever be the need and cause, each ticking moment is a joy forever. I recall the famous words of Keats that point this and also the urge to have as much joyous moments ever

A think of beauty is a joy forever,

How can I ever bid farewell to these joys..

My Childhood Home

The best thing about me are my memories. I have many times expressed through my web logs that I have a very good memory of my life. And it is most likely that my life will uncover one day through a series of bog posts , unraveling an auto biography. I remember everything, I must be specific, almost every important and unimportant events that happened ever since I can recognize what is a memory.

Sometimes, memory gets interlinked with imagination. When my grandpa says, I used to run ahead of him, when he walked me back from pre school. I see that in my eyes, but I cant be sure whether its a memory from the 3 year old boy, an age where I can rarely use much of brain to keep events in memory. My brain was so occupied those times, learning the new things, I always loved.

At this point, I am unsure whether I loved being a child or not. There were many good things that happened to me, and also bad things. One thing that I am pretty sure is that I was very happy even then to be let alone. I liked my privacy. I liked reading, playing, and experimenting alone. It included making roads in the sand dump in front of my house or driving the broken suitcase wheel(It was my super bike then), over the line of ants killing them. Though I regret that very much now, I do swear that I didn’t know the meaning of life and death then. Once I understood those meanings and the pain it takes, I never harmed a living creature to death knowingly, except some cockroaches.

I stayed in my childhood home for almost first 6 years of my life. It was my mother’s home. It was old and leaky. Once my room had the concrete roof and I was very proud of that. That room of mine was my world. Unless for cleaning, I never let anyone in my room willingly. I was so proud of my room. That room became part of the history as the growing home of me. Well readers, please address that mention of history as ‘Just my history’. I am just another blogger like you .