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Sublime Darkness

Darkness being the absence of light or light absorbed within?

Or a state of absolute nothing!

I wonder the void. is it possible to have nothing? Even the most virtual form of matter – the complicated inner self called ‘mind’ is very not void. Seldom are moments when the mind is blank, The most dormant state of mind; the sleep is not void but filled with dreams.

It is very complicated to perceive void or being nothing. No matter how the human science define it in terms of time, space and matter, it is evidently illogical to visualize or accept.

The time stood still

The life begins with a violent motion of emotions. An oscillatory motion to eject a torch-bearer in a linear motion to start the constant thump of life from that moment to the inevitable end, each cell is born and sheds serving its purpose all the way along.

Human thoughts are always constrained to the limits set by perception of ocular senses and thought. Any idea or vision beyond the logic defined by them are considered to supernatural or madness.

Our senses perceive the swaying of trees to wind, makes leaves fall. Science explains that wind is caused by atmospheric variations etc. But what could not be a logical explanation is that tree is shaking is away a dead leaf from its branches and hence stirring the air around if. I can feel wind on my face, if I wave my hand. Why can’t be the same with the tree? It is because the human senses defined the logic that trees are rooted  and cannot move.

Except for the logic we have created for our inquisitive minds, do we really have answer to who we are, what life is, its purpose and thereafter.

We are still in sublime darkness not knowing what darkness is.


The desert

Sometimes life takes me into such a mode when I really think the turn I took is really right or not. Driving through one way road with the time is not as easy , where is no reverse and relook at the gaps.
Goals in life makes you dream and make you aspire and inspire yourself. But the inspiration starts to either wither away facing the desert road that is needed to reach the dream.
come on, desert is so hot that it dried up my words also.

May be I will return after finding an oasis…

Life Is Crazy

I always knew and believed that life is a natural changer. Whether we want to, or know it or not, life has its own changes imprinted upon us.

6 years : not a short-term maddy. We had been together for 6 long years. The school life in St Marys wouldn’t be complete without a few names, who are entitled as ‘My School Friends’. I never had such an attachment to any people who walked in and out of my life. But these guys are special.

I am talking about the time, life and transformation and the school guys, all at the same time. How all fit into a perfect portrait? and Life is Crazy?Where in the name of holy ghost did that come from?

I was watching the movie,”Wake Up Sid’, and was enjoying the song “Life is Crazy”. At the same moment, I got the call from one of my school friends. He informed me of a get together at museum grounds. I was so delighted to see old friends.

There were four of us, cracking on the past and present events. It was a great intimate moments for us. I haven’t seen most of them for more than a year or so.. Right from their talks, I realized : the life changes. The cool guys has grown more understanding and has learnt a lot from the life. The irony is that we all hail from the IT industry, though, we all have a different perspective towards the future. That is the transformation that life has brought up on us. We have grown from the careless guys to responsible thinkers. Those light moments and the memories blew a cool wave on me. We talked about having your passion as profession, which many of us couldn’t work out yet.

On my way back home, I was thinking of all those guys and girls who made my school life. And from where we stand now, at different paths of life, we are still brought together by the very memories that paved the base of our existence. Do I sound crazy? nah


Adieus 2009

2009 was being quite eventful for me. Since then, all years passed me in a series of packs, each of which contained repetition of  similar experiences and memories. Like 12 years of school days, 4 years of college and then first 2 years of my job. 2009 had a lot of events happening in my life,  exactly saying, a series of fortunate events.

2009 began with myself nurturing my marriage dreams. I was already engaged to my sweetheart by then and was on looking a new turn of life.

At the same time, I was establishing myself in my new company in a new role at the break of 2009. It was my first jump after I begun my IT career. I was quite enjoying the change. A sort of freedom from a hefty work life to a balanced work life(It’s still the same, don’t know till when). In the professional aspect, this was the most cherished year of my career so far. May the years ahead bring in more better experiences.

I married my darling of my life on March. It was the sweetest moments of my life ever and I am thankful to 2009 for blessing me those moments.

I used to blog on blogger.com in  a very inconsistent way for a long time. I switched to wordpress.com and that change was quiet good for me as a blogger. During the period from August to date, I wrote more blog posts than I wrote in last few years. Blogging became a passion for me. I made good acquaintances in the blogging world. Chitz, Narayan, Carol…the list continues.

After marriage, I reinvented my passion towards Guitar. I went regularly to the classes for quite sometime. Again, the work held me and I got to include the same in my new year resolution to continue the lessons in the same flare for at least 3 months from now.

And now at the last hour of 2009, I realize that one more year being added to the life. I am thankful to God for that. A year full of happiness, sorrows, victories, losses, pain and joy. What would be life without all these? Like a blank canvas without colors.

The road keeps on coming back to me and I no longer walk alone….

Adieus 2009.

Technology That Empowers Me

There was a time when wheels were a technology. Fire was a miracle. And universe was a mystery. These are examples from time immemorial. As time passed, we watched more and more technological advancements with wonder , rejecting most of them at the first impact, but soon learnt to adapt it in daily life. And we even didn’t know, how they merge to become a  part of our lives.

It would be surprising to say in today’s time that once we feared technology more than God. It was something like defying the  path laid down by God. History even reveals the murders committed by churches, temples and other religious groups against those defied religion and believed and laid theirlife for science.  Many of our scientists were considered as devils or worshippers of devil. Most of the inventions took a long time to get implemented in daily life. That is somewhat different from today, where the technology invented a day before and is  shipped to our homes within a week.

Could we think of a technology free day today? Away from alarms, cooking gas, electricity, mobiles, paper and to  all sorts of man made things you can imagine of. Well, if you are stern enough, you may do it on a camping day. But not a routine busy office day. Because without technology, we can’t even move a second in the clock, oops again the technology.

Let me rephrase my thoughts? Are we addictive to technology, dependent of technology, or are we enslaved? Interesting to think huh? Most of the techie guys have either a home computer or laptop. But still we find some pleasure in making a twitter update from the GPRS enabled mobile. How many of us can sleep without a fan or air conditioner running in the bed room? Can we live a day without lights? What if we wake up one day and hear that all reserves of crude oil has just disappeared from the earth’s surface? Shocking , really? This was the same feeling I had, when I was trying  to grasp the reality. The reality is we have no alternatives for all the technologies that we have today and we are just living the days over and over with the hope that it will last forever, undisturbed. As Tim Robbins quotes in the movie ‘ The Shawshank redemption’ –

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things, and good things never ever dies

Books I want to write

I have been a busy blogger, always finding something to blah about. But, i always dreamt to be a serious writer for once in a life time. That is when, I wish to write my own biography.

I am not a famous personal. I am just a living being in this planet earth with some space in brain to think,understand and spit our thoughts. That is what I have  and doing in my ‘Pieces of my thoughts’. My ambition as a writer is to scribble down the memories from the beginning of my life to almost the end. A saga of life. I don’t know how it is with others, but for me, I have a very vivid memory of my childhood right from very early age. When I try to remember the old fading pictures from my memory, all comes in their order with more and more clarity. I always enjoyed reading. What could be of more pleasure than jotting down my own life and reading it at a later point. I feel it really thrilling. What the fellows of ‘Bloggerville’ think about it? Let me know !!!!.

Signs Of Life

Life is an amazing phenomenon. Science no matter of its superior advancements, has never been able to create life. It signifies how beautiful and ethereal, the life could be. Life from its atomic level to the massive creature level, has always amazing me with its uniqueness, adaptability and its thirst for survival.

Evolution chain has placed humans at the top of life chain. Man has become unique and conqueror because of  the single control point called brain , which has evolved over any other living being. But,we never look at the other life forms that add beauty to the geneology of earth. The wide variety of colours, designs, patterns that plants and other life forms have created is nothing compared to the races of humans created on the earth naturally. All designs the humans could impart, the colours that are filled are artificial  or man made. The truthfulness of nature was always not there in human creativity.

Humans were always quested to find other life forms in a different habitat than earth. The quest still going on with space explorations. The scientist had welcomed the evidences of life being once present in Mars. But, let me ask you, just a simple question. How can we rule out a possible existence of a superior race than humans existing light years away from us and watching us? Though it brings chills, if is not a possibility that we can just rule out.

The only word I have to my fellow humans is that, when we advance, think about the centuries old other life forms too. All evolved on this cradle for a cause. If we continue to destroy them for our cause, what will happen if some highly evolved utopian alien makes us their bio fuel, some thing similar to the movie ‘ The Matrix’. Just have a thought about it.