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What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

The needs of humans has grown far beyond the necessity of living. The life in this planet thrives on the basic need of air, water, food and continuity of the species. The food chain and the life chain balances them in a cycle that sustains life on earth.
From the bare necessities of life, the luxury is defined by anything extra available, but not necessarily needed. A trapped prey in sight after a sumptuous meal for a beast of the jungle is a luxury. But, these luxuries are necessities once the appetite comes back and can wait for the same. There is no wastage or over use of resources in the cycle of demand and supply . But, when the term ‘luxury’ is defined in terms of humans, the definition will stretch in multitudes of human affordability and lifestyle.
Lets start from the ground zero to understand the luxury in human perspective. For a vast percentage of population, food to hearts delight is a luxury of lifetime. Each moment in their life is aimed to get food for themselves and their family and nurturing the dream to get sufficient in food. Here, we see a unanimous relation among the wildness of nature and the helpless of human diversity.The hunger, poverty and the lack drives the life in this society and the anything that brings them out of this pathetic state will be deemed a luxury.
If we move a little up, there is a class of people who has daily income enough to feed the family. They can afford to buy new clothes once a year. They manage to get their children to government schools. The children suppress their dreams to their hearts as they know their parents cannot afford the same as their friend’s. This is the sector where sacrifices make life sweeter and any surprises is indeed a ‘luxury’.
Few more steps above, we have the people with all basic needs of life meet. So, luxury cannot be defined by means of necessities of life. Instead, for this class, luxury is more of a comfort zone which has become the necessity of their lives. The mobile phones, television, two wheeler, car etc. broadly comes in the class of people grouped in a wider sense. we can also see variety in this group based on affordability and the income. From this class of people and above, we can see how the surplus is diverted to the luxuries  and the need is not quenched by meeting the necessity. Attaining comfort is driving the necessity with the availability of the market, as now,  affordability is not a constraint.
Now, lets the move to the highly privileged, highest income bound class of human society where imagination is a limit to attain luxury. Right from custom made devours to cryogenic preservation, the dreams fly high in each aspect of life. There is no stop to the affordability of luxury. Money has less meaning here. It is as abundant as gravels in the backyard. So, luxury is a meaningless word which could not be defined with any words in vocabulary. Food is not for hunger, since hunger doesn’t exist, only taste and variety prevails. Dress is not for covering the nakedness, it is valued from its make, rarity and designer who made it exclusive.
With all said, what makes us different from any other living thing, which meets the basic necessities of nature and live on. And us, the evolved ones, exploiting the surplus for luxury, which at the same time can used to wipe the hunger of a big section of our own society. In animal world, one species compete with another for survival. But among us, we endanger the existence of our own species.
What we need is not democracy, communism, secularism or military power.
All we need is to understand that we all are humans, there is no country or continents, color, caste or creed. Live and let live as humans…


Burning the midnight oil

An old saying isn’t it? But sometime, it is quite natural that I have to stay awake to complete a schedule and remember this phrase and smile at it. Because, there is no point in remorse since, it is part of  my life and maybe many around us . So, only option is to smile at that famous words and say “oil is meant for burning, either at midnight or day”

Life is a mystery, no matter in what ever ways we try to justify. Recently, I was watching few of BBC’s nature videos about the different parts of  earth. I was amazed by the diversity and the complexity of life. Life itself is a great challenge where all living organism has only three aspects:

  • Fulfilling its part in the greater food chain
  • Reproduction for the continuity of life
  • Raise the offspring (not mandatory in some species) till they can get their own food.

Life in all living things is confined to these three predicaments expect for humans. This is the exact point, where I don’t understand the stupidity of the human intelligence.  Man improved the life, health and the overall cause of the existence of race. But, in the cycle of life, how can I justify that I am ‘burning the mid night oil’ for few Dollars, which do not have any meaning to complete the life cycle in earth.

What is the meaning or place of for a concept called money in the life chain. Man made it, and made the entire life cycle complex. The intellectual thinking of humans has both helped and destroyed the whole concept of living and life on earth.

  • Humans are the only life that kills for fun
  • Humans are the only life that resists to a part of greater food chain and already destroyed the life balance by spreading and growing like a virus.
  • Humans are the only life that consumes natural resources more than the necessity to sustain life

The result is that when the life first appeared on earth and started the continuous re orientation to reach stability, the first mistake in chain happened in the form of  evolution that created man. The evolution that created man was not meant to be, not atleast in the way that, in the life span which is much shorter compared to big picture, majority to time is spend on

  • learning to make money
  • Working to make money
  • Teaching offspring to make money
  • Sharing the wealth to offspring to have a base to make money

Seriously dude, I cannot see life here 🙂 may be I already burned too much oil…..