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The familiar stranger

It was another beautiful day of life. I was in the post office to get through some of the application requirement. I was quite worn down by the long queue which is not so peculiar to any government owned establishments. Right when I sent down a deep breath of restlessness, I felt that someone is trying to catch my attention from behind. And I saw him.

Well dressed in full trousers and the a grey shirt, he looked quite a gentleman, though shabby in this looks. He was of his mid thirties, but looked more older from his appearance. When I sinking in my mental analysis, he suddenly spoke, ” Can you give me 1 Rupees and 25 paise?”

To be continued…


The little princess

There she was..looking through the reflective glass, into her dreams. She looked once more before taking her eyes off the pink velvety corset that decorated the golden haired and blue eyed Barbie. Somewhere in those eyes reflected the emptiness that denied of her dreams for the very moment.
For her, it was always difference. On her daily walk to her school, she had umpteen number of things to compare. But the curious part of the whole comparison is that she always felt on the lower half of the scale. Right from the moment she steps out of her house, she lifts her head and revolves on her feet, not to view the morning sky, but to see the tip of those concrete sky scrapers that always shadowed her small home.
She walked past the noisy gate. She slowly placed the gate lock, so as to not make it fall. She walked slowly over the pavement, sometimes kicking the stones or humming the rhythm that her teacher taught her last day. She heard a loud noisy chitter chatter and long horn nearing her. And sooner her second subject of comparison whistled past her and stopped a few feet ahead of her. Soon, a bunch of her likes entered the school bus, making as good noise as coming from inside. She always wondered what is happening inside, as she never had a chance to go to school in that bus. Once in school, she had a peep into the bus, during her lunch time. All she saw was empty seats and drawings scribbled in metal by broken pencils and crayons. But still, she could not make out what was the difference in the happiness of her friends who rides in the school bus than her lonely walk through the pavement. But the fact is, she always loved walking to school. She thought of the fresh smell of the soil wet by mist, the old man next door, who always smiled at her on his slow morning walk, the rising noise of the birds in the park round the corner. Still, she felt she was somewhere below the scale.
When she reached school, the assembly had already begun. She slowly pushed herself to the back of her line. All she could see was glittering whiteness of the shirts and the pitch blackness of the shorts and the mirror shine shoes. She passed her glance to herself and she saw that her years old uniform was old dime in the cash box.
She left her thoughts and reached the class. It was the final day of the year and the day of results. Though not the brightest of the class, she always had numbers to make her future, she didn’t knew what exactly those number stood for. For her, it was the smile on the face of the teacher who gave her report and the little treasured moment of hers was the only thing that matters.
Soon, the hall got filled up with parents and she could see all glitters and shiners swamping the show. But in that crowd, she could hear desperate whispers of failures, harsh comparison to the scores of neighbor kids, challenges, offers that got missed because of criteria not met scenes. She started to get her heart beat high feeling the desperation and the aspiration around her which was alien to any kid of her age. At that moment, she heart elites seeing her parents entering and grabbing her in their warm cuddles. She blushed and stretched the report to her father and mother. They had a look and said “so my princess is happy of her achievement”. She said “yes” as usual. And they said, “we are proud to be yours”. Thus said, they walked away with her still in their arms taking her to that treasured moment of hers. While they walked back to her small home, she had a glance to the showcase of the shop that she watched everyday. She smiled and turning away, that for her small world, there was no room for anything else, except for the overflowing peace and happiness without which she cannot live being herself.

Life, Death, Life

It was very calm. I was never used to such calmness. But I didn’t feel unusual either. May be the nature is sleeping. How could I know?

I strolled around. It is a lazy early morning and I wasn’t in a mood of hurry. My appetite signalled me that I must get a snack soon. My eyes wandered around. It was just me and me alone. I couldn’t even see any other living thing anywhere near me. Am I the only one in the world now?

As these thoughts are filling my mind, I saw something edible near me. At first, I felt it as an illusion, but as I was lurking forward, I realised the truth. The truth that I found answer to my appetite. I rushed to gulp down my starter and….

I cannot phrase it. All I could feel is the excruciating pain spreading through all my nerves. I felt as if the pain was pulling me from above. In that extreme sense of pain,my eyes went still. All of a sudden, I felt numb. All my senses stood still in the flood of memories rushing inside me.

It was my birthday yesterday. In my community, I am now a fully grown hunter. But the growth from the innocent childhood to savage hunter brought in me a lot of unwelcome changes. I found pleasure in defying those principles, that were once taught by my mother. I found myself right in questioning rather than believing. If it wasn’t my arrogance, I wouldn’t have come so long during the morning strolls. I was so proud of my daring self and my strength.

I felt all those doings are haunting me together. All the pain returned to me at once and my mouth felt wide open. But, I couldn’t open my mouth as I wished. I felt as if my mouth was clamped together. I knew,amidst the pain, that I am pulled up slowly and steadily. The surroundings around me began to dim in the bright light, that was getting stronger by each second. My mother always used to tell me not to wander towards the bright light. She told me, no one returns from there and it’s the light of the death. And I started to believe that I am going to die.

Suddenly I felt as if someone has peeled off my skin. It was very hot.I felt like my skin will  melt, if I was held there any longer. Another frightening thought passed through my mind. Even if I am going to die, it ain’t going to happen sooner enough.

The death isn’t inevitable. It’s for all.Like a cup of last rejoice. Only question is when and how. And here I am, entangles in the chain of prey and predator. As these thoughts drowned me, I felt as if I was picked up.

Ohhh….Another wave of pain and my jaws were once again free. Though pain was filling my senses, I enjoyed the momentary realization of freedom.

Again, I was put on the wet floor. I knew that I can’t stay without breathing for long. Every living cell in me demanded for oxygen. I can feel wind on my skin. But, I couldn’t get what I needed. I wondered how these big creatures around me,of whom mother has warned me a lot, breathed. With everything around me blinding and life closing in, I had a sudden urge to live. An unconditional will to live in the righteous path.

Urge for one last chance.

I was shaking all over. Life was unwillingly leaving me. My body was hitting hard against the ground again and again. My tail was still waving in the air. i could hear the crushing sound of waves near me. In that last second of life, I pushed myself towards the sound of the waves.

I felt to merge myself with water in that moment of life. I was swirling for a moment and splash. I felt the coldness of water on my skin. The comforting wetness and the cold feeling of life returning to me was unbelievable. My wet gills filled me with oxygen of which I was deprived off for a very long time.

And I live again.But not the life I lived so long. A new life, a new beginning. All say life teaches, but for me

Death was the teacher.