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Pursuit – An irony when you are ahead, a dream when you are after, but all the while  it is symbolic to something which  is on going, but not yet finished. It is the very idea of action that adds drama to this benign thought.
The intensity of pursuit can be felt from the heart beats of a antelope closely chased by its predator, each thumb is the echo of the life ending down or sheer luck that make it live another day. Watching closely the food and the hunter – each stride, each blink of eye, the fear of the end, the moment of life or the death..

Dreams Again

How often we dream in such a way that, it feels so realistic. I am not talking about ‘The Matrix’. I am just throwing a basic question. The scientific world has never explained the phenomenon of ‘Dreams’ with clarity, so the occurrence of ‘dreams’ still remain as a masked mystery.

I had a dream yesterday, as if with every million people who dream. But, I count myself among a few blessed ones. Why? Because, I can remember my dreams, very clearly and vividly for almost 5-6 hours after I am awake. So, I jumped on to my blogging write pad so that I can transfer those dreamy memories, before they gets washed off.

Into the dream…

I am standing in front a old school building. A school in the same format as you would see in any typical Indian panorama. Brown soiled grounds, a single tree in the courtyard, and a flag post right in front of the building entrance. The wind was briskly knocking me  and the surroundings seems to be deserted. I am in front of a school that appears not inhabited by any students in recent past. In a deserted place, in front a deserted school, all alone..creepy.

I walked through the doorways with a cloudy mindset. I was not sure, what I will walk into, or what I am going to see in there. I just moved along. I saw three classrooms in the hall. The partitions separating the class rooms are moved to the corner of the hall. In the first black board, I saw some questions written in chalk,almost fading. Spaces were left between the questions, may be for answers. Somehow, I felt to answer the questions. Or the questions were meant for me to answer? I went through those questions that were fading from the board and right now,also from my memory. 3 questions, and were  indeed, quite a mouthful.

1. When did you help a stranger for the last time?

2. Have you fed any hungry stomach which is incapable of getting food of their own?

3. If you read first two questions, aren’t you lucky that you are able to read it and think about it?

I am point blank reading this. I am not imagining things, or making up all these. These are the exact questions, I saw in the dream. And as you have guessed, in the dream and in  life, I was mouth shut. I stared at the board looking for answers. But the answers written by some kid long time ago, has already faded off. And those questions stood there, staring at me.

I guided my eyes to the second classroom and walked towards it.To my surprise, the classroom resembled a temporary hospital setup. The benches are put together and a old woman is lying on it. I slowly went near her. She was motionless. I kneeled down and took a closer look. She suddenly grabbed me and uttered just two words – “Help me”.

I didn’t see her face. I don’t know who she is. She said those words and then again retained her initial posture. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. I wished to ask, what help she needed? But I was voiceless. I felt like the surroundings and the wordings were knitting a strangeness around me. A strange ignorance wrapped in all the false knowledge, I am strived to learn. Maybe, this is the reality I was supposed to realise.