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Karthik Calling Karthik

It seems very late to write a review about a movie that was released months back, but as usual, I do a review for my personal satisfaction, after I watch it.

So, the pick of the day was “Karthik Calling Karthik”.  Starring Solid Farhan Akhtar and gorgeous Deepika Padukone, the film has one of the best first half resembling a hollywood thriller. It maintained suspense and made me wait for the final wind down. The debutant director has proven that he definitely got the flare to experiment with new concepts. But the climax weighed very light and was less impressive. The script was weak and except for the out performance by ‘Farhan Akthar’, enacting the both halfs of the suicidal Karthik and the winner was impressive. Despite the weak script, the in borne film maker within Farhan had him deliver beautifully. Deepika, was just a filler with micro  skirts and hippy jean shorts. She looked hot in the new hair cut, and in the end, what she left over in the movie was just the looks.



I have always been a fan of Nicholas Cage. And his 2009 release ‘Knowing’, interested me initially only because of his presence. I didn’t find much boom for this movie in the IMDB rating, but I decided to watch it.

The movie began with a flashback. Set 50 years ago, a school has its students prepare notes for a time capsule which is supposed to be opened only 50 years later i.e. 2009. This very  idea came from a nerd looking girl. The girl itself generated a sense of interest and Gothic ambience in me. Few things about her remained unanswered till the end of the movie and this kept the interest in the movie going. The strange look in her eyes, the suspense she created by writing a sequence of numbers for the time capsule instead of a picture as told by the teacher : All in all,the movie had substance in the beginning.

Year 2009 : Introduces Nicholas Cage, an expert mathematician and professor ,who was interested in the magic of numbers as well as a caring father,who loved his son more than anything in this world. When the school opened the time capsule, his son gets the letter written by the girl 50 years ago. Then the movie rolls with Cage deciphering the numbers to date, death count, latitude and longitude of the place of major disasters in 50 years of history. To his interest, the girl predicted in her numbers, all the major disasters between 1959 to 2009. And for 2009, she had the date, but the death toll was scribbled as ‘e’, which is apparently infinity.

The appearance of men from outer space created a fantasy feel to the movie. But still, the D day animation with sun flares melting down the earth was a marvelous work. Also, an air plane crash was filmed with absolute geniuses.

The movie captivated me for its theme, the music that blended well with the theme and the excellent graphics used in the movie, which looked so natural.

The only con I felt was the landing of the children(I havent mentioned entire story, since it’s a worth watch) in a heaven like planet with the tree of knowledge in the centre. I just realized that the aliens left the earth children there to have a new beginning.

A start over….

Tests and T20: Big difference Boys

After the charismatic win in the Test series, The Indian Cricket Team approached the T20 match against Srilanka with much enthusiasm. But they should have been aware that their recent records in T20 was much bitter. After T20 world cup win in 2007, the records were not so good for the team. The team hasnt won a series in that form of cricket since then.

The lose against the Srilankans wasn’t much of a surprise for me. Even after gruelling test series, Lankans kept the spirits high and went on to do their job. I believe that they have gone through the past history of Indians in T20 and have capitalized on it. On the other hand, Indians failed to understand that being No 1 in test playing Teams wont help them to win T20. Though all are forms of cricket, T20, one dayers and test has its own style, when the ball meets the willow. I wish Indian team understands this fact and put on a better show in oncoming matches.

Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir: A shame on human ethics

School is where we learn how to treat fellow humans, how to show respect and manners to elders and those who are suffering. My blog is about a school, which I visited yesterday and had the worst of the experience in my lifetime.

The school I am mentioning about is Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, elamakkara, Ernakulam. It is one of the schools in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan group of schools. And I also came to know the schoolis famous for its reputation, fees and the quality of teaching.  Let me explain the situation to the readers and allow the readers to collect their thoughts.This will help to explain my views rather than justifying it.

The school hosted the public exam for ‘Corporation Bank’ clerk selection. And I was accompanying my wife, who was also a candidate. This school was the only venue for Kerala state. So, the number of candidates and the parents accompanying is imaginable. I met candidates from almost all districts of Kerala. The exam was scheduled for 9:30 Am. I reached the school by 7 Am, since  it was too far, and at a place I was not sure off. So, I went to the school straight from the Railway station. This was the case with most of the candidates. Majority of them, who travelled long distances, reached very early.

The scene at the school was like this: Gate closed and chained. The candidates and parents straying on the road. Since the school gate is right on the road side, all that I could do was stroll on the road. As time kept on running,candidates were flooding the road. Still the gate remained closed. By around 9, road was so filled that cars and bikes had to swim through the road. Still, the gate was closed. By 9:15 am, security told that the candidates could enter the school campus. I think all the balloons of emotions burst at that point. The parents asked the security guards, what a kind of school is this? The exam is supposed to be for another  2 hours and till then all are supposed to stand in the sun. And we are told that it’s the principal’s order.Then voices began to raise. Police also arrived at the scene. And later, after so much fuss, all those who accompanied candidates were allowed to rest at the school bus park and adjacent areas, by tree shades or by concrete railings.

Let me ask a few questions to the people reading this? Is this the right kind way a school should behave? I saw a guy with his 1 year old boy in his hands and standing in the sun, while the kid’s mother just entered the school premises to attend the exam.The school have a vast campus and the exam was conducted in some building in the inner blocks. Why can’t they allow the people to rest some where close to gates from the beginning itself? Is this a kind of culture, a school should reflect. Making people suffer and setting an example. If this is the way, they are behaving to strangers, I wonder how students in that school are punished and taught morals. It’s a shame to the entire school. The best thing they could have done is to open 2-3 class rooms near tha gate in the morning itself and allowing the parents to rest there right away. Instead, they reflected their hideous culture to the society.

What is the impact of this school on me? Too simple. I would never even think to send any of my kids to any school under Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. I posted this, because I want public to know about this incident. It may seem rather too unimportant, but I feel a School is a holy place which should strive by example, not by cannibal behaviour.

Sachin – A Legendary Life

Some people live and die. They doesn’t leave much behind to remember. But some live, such that others live to become like them. We call them Legend. In their life time, they are living heros. An icon without replica. Today, my blog page pays homage to the legendary cricketer , my countryman, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.



Achievements and talent are beyond barriers. May it be in arts, literature or sports, there is always an exceptional performer. He stands above the limits of time and character. Sachin, in his 20 years of cricketing career, redefined all that was written in the history of cricket. to his name.

Speaking more about him is just replicating history. So, let him play on and on… and the cricket rolls with him.

Advocacy on capital Punishment

Ever since there has been life, taking life existing in the animal planet. Animals show their pride and power to the group by defeating the challenger which often involves in the death of the opponent. Humans challenged and won battles over land, kingdoms and women. There too, the victory went to the side of most killings. The one who was able to finish off the enemy soldiers was the winner. In the barbarian society of our past, death was considered to be a brave deed among nobles and war chiefs. In that society, fighting for something we love and honor and giving life was a martyr act.

I remember the famous phrase – “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once”, from Shakespeare . The ideology was clear. The death is an inevitable end. When and how to hug it was the choice given to each and everyone. The choices decided whether one will be hailed as a warrior or coward. between these principles, The choice to live and die through a beautiful life. I agree to the facts that the history reminds of many a situations where swords were taken to make sure a beautiful life to the future. But how can I justify my soul, thinking about hundreds of souls who were lined up in front of  guillotine, waiting for their turn to have head separated from their body. Yes, I am speaking of the French revolution. The family and related men, women and children of aristocracy were beheaded. The faces of children watching the piles of heads, and waiting to have their heads to be part of that pile, is the most animus behaviour of  humans. Well, the cruelty that  peasant of France had to face from the ruling families were brutal and unexplainable. But, the punishment to that cruel deeds is again a capital punishment? How could the children be part of the greediness of adults?I would have suggested on emptying that rise of anger and revenge on the aristocracy by the propaganda must be handled in a more justifiable way in history.

To prevent the scarcity and wastage of bullets, two men were tied together side by side and were made to stand on a bridge railing and one was shot on head. The other was supposed to die by the drowning by the corpse weight. Wondered by the Logic? Well, this was implemented by the withdrawing German soldiers from Poland. How can you justify this?Oops, I am going off topic. Let me rephrase. My question is how death or killing be the criteria to prove the worth or punish an offence. I believe humans are on the highest point of social civilization. Though not the entire population, but the governing body of majority of the countries have the mentioned quality to understand the logic. The logic of deciding the death sentence as the ultimate justice. i just wonder , if that logic change for the entire human race by a blink, how many billions of Dollars could be saved for humanitarian purpose?

Another concern of mine is the judicial capital punishment. For most unforgivable crimes, capital punishment are awarded. WOW, I liked that term awarded. An award for the cruelty of a life time, or cruelties of a life time. May I ask? Is this punishment the best award could give to such poisoned soul. Based on the crime they have committed, death is the most satisfying end to their dirty life. I believe in those cases, Judiciary must forget the humanitarian concern to animal souls. Well, the question that so called white hearts in society may ask is in that case, what is the difference between  them and us? well, giving capital punishment is same as the age old power proving techniques. the best punishment that could be given to any convict is denying him/her all that he likes, that he/she could have enjoyed if there were not convicts. This life long detainment will let him think about his past and criticize his present.

If you have watched the movie “The Shawshank redemption”, you may remember the words of the character Red, played by Morgan Freeman at the time of his parole interview.

” There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel regret. Not because I’m in here, or because you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try and talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can’t. That kid’s long gone and this old man is all that’s left. I got to live with that. Rehabilitated? It’s just a bullshit word. “

Pazhassi Raja : History retold

Yesterday, I went for the movie “Pazhassi Raja”. Released in 4 theatres in the city, this big budget film, narrates the story of Pazhassi Raja, a hero and warrior from northern kerala, who raised his voice and sword against the plunders of English East India Company. He is one of the first to proclaim that, ” People who came to trade cinnamon and pepper has no right to pass laws in our land”.

Pazhassi raja

A bit history about pazhassi Raja: When Kerala was ruled from Mysore by Tipu and Haider, their officers used to collect taxes directly from the farmers bypassing the land lords, but the British changed this and decided to collect taxes directly from the Kings and Nair Lords. The amount fixed as tax by the British was unreasonable and people did not have the capacity to pay that much. Faced with revolts from people, the kings were unable to collect the taxes.

After Tipu left, the British ignored Pazhassi Raja and gave the land to his uncle on lease. This insult also helped in triggering the revolt. Pazhassi Raja stopped collecting taxes and this upset the British. Since the king was popular, they could not do anything but stop collecting tax for a year, but to add more insult, they extended the lease given to his uncle for another five years. On June 28, 1795, Pazhassi Raja challenged the British by stopping all tax collection and giving refuge to people who were considered revolutionaries by the British.

This was followed by Guerilla warfare tactics launched from Wyanad rain forests by Pazhassi and his army harassing  the English company. finally the fire power and the dirty tactics of British company had him killed. But he lived through the history of India’s Struggle of independence as  a great martyr.

Overall, the film did justice to the history. There is no hypes or added up romance to promote the movie. The characters are strong and did their part extremely well. The sound engineering by the Oscar Winner Rasool Pookutty  out stands. The script by the great malayalam writer M T Vasudevan Nair and the eminent cast and the production team made the movie an epic for sure. There are few shortcomings in places, but I should vote for the good things in the movie and the intention of retelling an history to the modern world, where we often forget the value of freedom, free will and independence.