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Tests and T20: Big difference Boys

After the charismatic win in the Test series, The Indian Cricket Team approached the T20 match against Srilanka with much enthusiasm. But they should have been aware that their recent records in T20 was much bitter. After T20 world cup win in 2007, the records were not so good for the team. The team hasnt won a series in that form of cricket since then.

The lose against the Srilankans wasn’t much of a surprise for me. Even after gruelling test series, Lankans kept the spirits high and went on to do their job. I believe that they have gone through the past history of Indians in T20 and have capitalized on it. On the other hand, Indians failed to understand that being No 1 in test playing Teams wont help them to win T20. Though all are forms of cricket, T20, one dayers and test has its own style, when the ball meets the willow. I wish Indian team understands this fact and put on a better show in oncoming matches.

Sachin – A Legendary Life

Some people live and die. They doesn’t leave much behind to remember. But some live, such that others live to become like them. We call them Legend. In their life time, they are living heros. An icon without replica. Today, my blog page pays homage to the legendary cricketer , my countryman, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.



Achievements and talent are beyond barriers. May it be in arts, literature or sports, there is always an exceptional performer. He stands above the limits of time and character. Sachin, in his 20 years of cricketing career, redefined all that was written in the history of cricket. to his name.

Speaking more about him is just replicating history. So, let him play on and on… and the cricket rolls with him.