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Winter Chill

Christmas is nearing and the sweet chill is blanketing the city. In this new city of mine, every experience is a brand new one. The Chennai chill is comparatively more colder than my native city, Trivandrum. But, I could very well see that these chilly days will be followed by scorching sunny days.

I have been missing my morning classes for quite a few days. The tight schedule at work is killing me. I will be moving to a new project by new year break, but that is around 10 days from now. Till then, I have to hang on to the current project and find a good project to survive. May be I should change my blog name to ‘Despires of an Software Engineer’.

I took my Guitar out yesterday, that too after quite a while. The battery of the tuner has become cold. I got to change it. 1st string was also broken. Thanks to me, for carrying a spare string always. While sliding through the frets, I realised that, that all I learnt was still there. Only thing is I learnt only very little.


A Cloudy Sunday

A late wake and a cloudy sky: A least expected motivation for a sunday day out. The first sight I saw on opening the door was a cloud laden sky. So, uptight and ready to pour. But still, I felt that there was a slight hesitation for a pour down. Waiting all the night and still waiting. Like teasing me to get out and get drenched. The rainy days in Chennai is almost to a closure. The water-logged roads, the side roads filled with creamy mud, ooh, it is a horrible torture.  The first season of downpours in Chennai didn’t give me much more than a feel of hate that make the city life more crappy and dirty. Since, I am born and is coming from a place, where rain is simply beautiful and ethereal, I cant just accept this way of cooling the mother earth.

I am just moving on to 5th month in this metropolitan city. Life has been monotonic, except for a few weekends when I made it to the city centre, where the city lives. The expensive, luxurious, glamorous.  How can I explain it? The malls like sky walk, City center, Express Avenue  etc are a mesmerizing experience and a big stint to the pocket, if you are too mesmerized. Oh ya, these places are far too expensive for a common man, unless he is on a stroll for window shopping.

There are two things in Chennai that has quite impressed me to the heart. The first one is the movies screens in here. I have been to PVR at sky walk, Satyam screens in Express avenue. Very wonderful movie experience, both in picture quality and sound experience, not to miss out the awesome colorful welcome lobby. I shouldn’t miss out the fact that the tickets are expensive compared to other small establishments, but the quality and the experience it provides, are quite worth the money. There could be better multiplexes, but I haven’t really been to any better places till today. So, I am ought to give it the best movie experience I ever had till date.

Well, the next thing I cherish in this city is the food served at really expensive non vegetarian hotels. I specifically said, ‘really expensive’ because it is the place where you could feel the real difference. The average cheap hotels do serve good food, but as I perceive, I usually feel that the cuisine is local oriented. But such as, if you are to eat out at  ‘Barbecue Nation’, in T Nagar, you would get to taste all the varieties of Barbecues all around the world. And challenge me, each one of the recipes for an evening are distinct and delightful. And the live music background is quite a runner for the money you throw in for the food.

Coming back from the city to sweet home, the cloudy sky has retrained my wife and myself to wait till afternoon to move deeper to the early Christmas celebrations in the malls and to the heart of the city. I do have plans to buy a Christmas gift to her, her long lasted wish to have a decent camera. She wishes to portray all important seconds of our blessed life, so I don’t want her to miss it any further. It’s really a suspense for her, so you are the one keeping my secret till evening.

Back to the routines now, I got to help her washing clothes, get myself washed up, Oh Lord,trust me, I am stinking. And eventually, sit along her to have a meal together. It’s a rare moment, ever since I came to this city. Both of us working and leaving home at different timings, eating together at home has been reduced to weekends mostly.

So, let me wind my time with you now. I got to be running now to finish off the stuffs and give a wonderful afternoon to my beautiful and loving sweetheart.

See ya !