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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I wonder, is there any job profile in this world which comes with this tagline – “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. I never been able to match the scales of what job satisfaction is meant for each individual and how the expectation varies from each employee. Job is an essential evil for majority of the population except for those rare silver spooners, who can live without it. Now, what job each persons ends up is also quite clearly defined. It depends on multiple criteria as I look down

Some are born with talents, like painter, singer, dancer etc. They relish their passion to the core and excellent devours of their passion get paid for life time for doing what they mostly like to do. From my perspective, it is the most high paid job in the world and highly satisfying. To get income from the most relished passion.

There are another set of people who education directs them to particular job category. One who get admission for medicine, becomes a doctor. Another who gets admission for historical science, becomes archaeologist or librarian. Here, it is not the passion of the field of job, but the availability of opportunity that made them to learn that particular branch of study and their job profile was linked to their study.

Some people whose has certain passion which they relish but due to the fear and dependency on their life, they hide the passion in heart and work in different areas. In these poor souls, though their passion is different, there are content with their earning and hope that at some point of life, they could retire from these jobs and go back to their passion which is still burning deep within. I belong to this category.

So, I believe Job satisfaction is a factor for the last category whose aspiration and  job profile is contradictory. Even though, job satisfaction is a whole sum of the work environment, recognition, team, skill set and many other factors, each one of them as large enough to be discussed separately.

All I have learnt from my work experience is that find joy in what you do to make money, ignore the pain points, let not that affect your mind. Believe that those pain points are for what you are paid off and the part you relish, you are doing for your own satisfaction.

My Letter to Asianet Global Communciations – A Tribute to Professionalism

Sub : Please explain how Asianet still have customers

Whoever atleast concerned about your business,

As per the recommendation given by one of my friend about your Domain Hosting Services, I went to buy a hosting plan from www.asianetweb.com. Rest of the story will be explained by the shopping cart screenshot, I have attached.


This issue is occurring from last two days. When the stain is perfect at your sales website itself, how the hell you will servicing the customer. Not a professional touch for a web hosting company.

Thanks & Regards