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Desert Flower – Waris Dirie

I came across a biographical article by Waris Dirie – ‘Desert Flower‘. Waris Dirie is  a supermodel whose was born in Somalia. The short story just gave me chills. For the first time in my life, I came to know about the age old cruel practise in african countries among the women, the infibulation. It is exactly the opposite to the male circumcision followed by the muslim community.

I was purely melting away, reading the pain and the agony faced by Waris in her childhood. the path that made her grow to the top of the society, made her voice so loud and clear to tell the world about her past, the past, present and still the cruel future every human female born into the wild cradle of Africa. I was touched by her childish ignorance, the sudden exposure to truth, reality. The mutilation leaving a life long impact, that gets reminded when she goes for a piss everyday. I am aware of many cruel rituals that was a part of human society from over centuries. But when the rituals are just for pain and agony, that too done by parents to each of their female kid as part of their life goal, it is more bitter and unacceptable.

The practise called infibulation is based on the foolish wisdom in Somalia and surrounding african countries that there are bad things between a girl’s legs, a woman is considered dirty, over sexed and unmarriageable unless those parts–the clitoris, the labia minora, and most of the labia majora-are removed. Then the wound is stitched shut, leaving only a small opening and a scar where the genitals had been.

It chills my nerves with the very mention of it. Even today, it is followed in most of the uneducated families in Africa. And based upon the living and economic standards of the state, it accounts for majority of the population. I just wonder why the government didn’t ban such practises yet. In India, there was an age old ritual called ‘Sati’. In this, a widow was burnt alive along with her husband’s pyre. It was cruel and inhuman denying the right to live. The India Government has  banned ‘Sati’ and has declared it as a Criminal Offence. A similar act should be enacted in all places following this custom. Educating the mass is another prospect. But, I too wonder, what education can bring in, when people in those countries are starving for a day’s food.


Alice in Wonderland brings me back

As a child, for some people, least for me, introduction of books was an awesome experience. It gave wings to my imaginations. And the book that I read for the first time made me tip toe to the world of creative reading and writing of self imagination.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

I read this book, when I was 6 years old. I was a very good admirer of books from a very early age. I had a private tutor named “Anil”. I called him Anil Sir. He had a very good collection of books and he too wrote poem in the native language ‘Malayalam’. He budded in me the habit of reading and the first book that I borrowed from one of the friend in school was “Alice in Wonderland”.

I always liked the part of tumbling down the rabbit hole. When I saw the Movie “The Matrix”. and when Morpheus says to Neo, “…feels like tumbling down the rabbit hole …..”. I was thinking about the first tale I ever read.

Alice in wonderland – It brought me a lot of dreams. Believe me or not, for around six months or so, I saw all the sorts of crazy dreams , crazy places, animated creatures, all seeded in me by the imagination of Alice. My child mind enjoyed those dreamy moments and grown up reading more and more dreams and aspirations of fellow humans in their written works and epics.