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Is Mumbai really safe for IT Professionals?

With bombs blasting the streets of Mumbai like crackers, the justification of the prime metro being most insecure city in the country is rising. People started looking the Bombing charts for anniversaries, Day 13 or annual celebration of any terrorist groups before visiting Mumbai. Because, each of these events just another reason for a detonation.

I read a report on hoe insecure Mumbai has become for common people. Also, the fact that the Terrorist like ‘Kasab‘ still alive on Indian soil eating the bites from hard earned tax payers cash for his security and trial, which is going on for years. Why cant the govt shoot the balls out of his brains for the atrocity and murders he has caused in Mumbai and to the common Indian people. Fact is I don’t have the guts to take an offer from any of the firms from Mumbai just because of sheer fear. I wont even choose to visit Mumbai as a tourist unless government has some effective plans to bring Mumbai under control.

My opinion about Mumbai is that in this city, terror and crime has deep roots with the society. Here, crime arises out of poverty and living conditions and the fittest takes the limelight of Ibrahims and Shakeel’s. But, even more than them, the religious terrorism from the backhouse of Pakistan training rooms are the most threatening to India. I am just a citizen who can opinion about. But as long as the power house of Indian administration close eyes to the barbarism that occurs right in front of them, Mumbai is not a safe land of anyone, atleast I believe so.