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The First Fall

A wonderful morning and an encouraging words from a good friend is much an inspiration to continue writing with more positiveness than ever before.  And thanks friend for being so compassionate and willing to go through my posts and give your valuable comments. In this beautiful land, where you have been so long, I have just started my journey across seasons and now, I am at the verge of experiencing my “First Fall

People who know me will also be aware that I come from the tropical, calm and monsoon oriented climate of southern shores of India. A beautiful place where change in climate is not so scientifically defined and rain and sun comes around in a rough 3 months interval. No snow, no fall, no one can say when summer starts or what exactly winter is.

Though heavenly with climate of my homeland, I always longed to experience the bitterness of nature. The extreme, which I never had in my life time. Because, with bitterness always comes the beauty of sweetness. With the dryness that cracks your skin, comes the magical “Fall” of colours all around, with the chilling cold wind, comes the ethereal beauty of snow, and much more, which I really need to know myself. At least in this case, I don’t want to keep me forecasted much about what happens next with Google đŸ™‚

Here, the weather has fixed timelines. On a fine pre defined morning, the summer started (though the summer for me here was a pleasure ), and then the intensity of heat started decreasing and with fine and intermittent rains, the temperature started falling. And then it all started. As if the nature triggered the alarm, all trees around understood that it should save the moisture and the water for the harsh time ahead. The result was, all moisture in leaves was sucked into the water reserve within the truck and the magic began.

It was a ballet of colours; green, yellow, orange, golden-yellow, the blend was so amazing.

Maybe the lack of words or the wait for more magic restricting me to end here. Maybe I must bring in the skill of composing the feel of my heart to words, but it aint easy.

Have a good day friends..