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A word to Hartal Lovers

Another hartal day. Mid week break for many government and school workers(not all) and “reach and save leave” situation for private sector. Having known this phenomenon since for decades, some views which I feel appropriate are quoted.

By definition, Hartal is mass protest often involving a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops, courts of law as a form of civil disobedience . In addition to being a general strike, it involves the voluntary closing of schools and places of business. It is a mode of appealing to the sympathies of a government to change an unpopular or unacceptable decision.(source Wikipedia)

Lets have a look again. Mass protest involving total shutdown of institutions as a form of civil disobedience. The motto and mean is valid only by freezing the workforce of nation fully so as to inflict maximum financial as well as operational lose to the government. Please note that when hartal was born in India, the government was British. And I too, I agree creating loses for them. But, what is the motto now? create loss for ourselves? We run the government with our selected parliament and with our money via taxes; and to whom we are creating loss?

Said so, the hartal is meant 100% to be effective. A man like Gandhiji was able to make entire country do that just by his peaceful gesture. Now, what is the relevance of hartal today? Except creating forced fear and agony to 90% of the society by the 10% of goons of different political parties, I do not see any positive wave or result from the same. Unless for their personal promotion in party lines and to raise sword against opposition, the hartal is not yielding any benefit to common man.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949, do HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION.(source Preamble to the Indian Constitution)

Any political party declaring hartal should know the meaning of our preamble. His view for declaring the hartal is neither unanimous in independent india nor could be forced upon. Hartal is relevant when the entire country stand alike for a common cause. I have not seen any such outcry from all levels of community for any cause in decades.

In a country where all that opposition does is to oppose the decisions of ruling party, hartal can never be announced by opposition or ruling party as it is not unanimous. So, please come to senses.

In india, by definition and taken by true sense of hartal, only people can suggest hartal, if it is supported by entire nation in a single voice. Such a unity is seldom to happen in India. It has not happened for many needed cases, like capital punishment for rapists, provide light, water and food to all sections of society, girl child abuse etc etc etc. For reasons genuine, let any of the political party inspire the country and request for hartal, I will support, people of India will support. Else, all I have to say to hartal is

You don’t belong here anymore. Stop creating nuisance to common people.