Monthly Archives: April 2014

In the lookout

Captured from Lake Victoria, near source of Nile, Kampala, Uganda



When you are pushed to the limits, a door opens to find you through the time.

It’s been six months since last time I blogged and lot of things have changed around me. The 180 days plus has moved me from the party city of India to the heart of Africa. It’s not just the travel; my work, my life and all around me has changed with it. This is just another example in my life that nothing is permanent around me except my love of life.

There were times when I believed that life is an extension of the past. Each day forward is another step added to the past moments. It was like a pen sieve of memory where I kept on adding the life experiences. Truly to admit, I never tried to live beyond the past. I never understood, or better tried to understand that, unless you see the change in you, you will always be stuck in the melancholy of life.

But, necessity pushes you over and makes you act beyond your thinking. It is one such necessity that made me extend my steps to Africa and it was the start of the series of events that lead to my realization that, it isn’t the past that guide us, but the very moments that you live and try to bring in change that ripples the future and betters the past that is yet to become. If I had stucked to past, I would never get beyond the present. But, it was my sheer will not to repeat the past changed my present and is building my future.

But, is it the end?never. Life rolls and the moments roll along with it.Past adds up, present lives and future unpredictable, may be the life would not be so beautiful, if we know, all that is coming. isn’t?