Yesterday : often a piteous word, which points out to the goners. All say live in the present, don’t look at yesterday. yesterday are to be forgotten or lesson learnt and today is new beginning. a view of perspective is quite essential.

I was going through my yesterdays. The days, I was happy, days that brought in tears, days that made me success, days that made me lose, it was a blend of feelings and emotions like a untouched orchestra of a genius, who of course is the God above. For me, each yesterday has something to tell to the present, each of those recalls and reminds me what I should sustain and what I should omit to make my today a better day.

Many a times, the good decisions made in present day are a wholesome effort of all the linked up past experiences that winds together like a decision mechanism. you never know, how you arrived at that decision, but the insight is always the bitter or sweet past that makes you learn and move ahead.

Many has told me that the present actions beholds the future. Of course, what you do today is that makes the tomorrow. But, I do feel to point out that what you do today is decided by how you learnt from your past. How you learnt from all the present that gone past you. There could be a thousand agreements about this view. Of course, that is the basics of human thoughts, which I try to do from my view.

For me, yesterdays, design my today and the redesigns of my present make my future.


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