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Little Joy of Life

Life is the most undefined mystery in all the dimensions we know. No matter, how advanced we are in science, mystics or in myths, we have never been able to explain the meaning of life in full, just because of its most simplest reason : diversity.

For each life form on earth, there is an defined purpose, which they carry out with at most uncertainty of completion. Each spark of life flames to splinder and blaze and in some uncertain moment turns to ashes. With this line clearly drawn, knowing the ultimate fact, that there is an end to the road, let me walk through few life cycles which I have come across in my life.

When I was a child, I used to sit at the porch of my house and used to look at the life around me. Butter flies in the small garden of my mother’s, people in their daily life, walking by the road, and also the line of ants which carry out its daily routine of food collection. With the remembrance of some science class hours, I used to draw line in their path. I was amused to see how science worked as ants lost their path as the trail of hormone path was wiped off. I used to be cruel too applying death without knowing the meaning to those tiny form of life.

Writing this at this point of life, I do feel sorry for what I did. But I do think this : what was the purpose of life of those small ants? in their tiny span of life, they were busy collecting food for their colony, hard working to the limit without even knowing that the life is about to end at the finger tips of another life.

There are many small fishes in the ocean which live together in multitude of numbers. The only purpose in their short life is to become food for other life. Their life was created in this world to nourish the life of other life and that is their purpose.

Coming back to the human life, the diversity is more vivid as life itself is woven in different colors. For a street life, the most importance reason of life is find a way for daily bread where as there are other forms of life, whose major concern is what new feature Apple is introducing next. In all these, what I find common is the ‘Joy of Life’.

Any life born on earth, no matter, how feeble or great it is, does enjoy every moment it is alive. what ever be the purpose, whatever be the need and cause, each ticking moment is a joy forever. I recall the famous words of Keats that point this and also the urge to have as much joyous moments ever

A think of beauty is a joy forever,

How can I ever bid farewell to these joys..


Yesterday : often a piteous word, which points out to the goners. All say live in the present, don’t look at yesterday. yesterday are to be forgotten or lesson learnt and today is new beginning. a view of perspective is quite essential.

I was going through my yesterdays. The days, I was happy, days that brought in tears, days that made me success, days that made me lose, it was a blend of feelings and emotions like a untouched orchestra of a genius, who of course is the God above. For me, each yesterday has something to tell to the present, each of those recalls and reminds me what I should sustain and what I should omit to make my today a better day.

Many a times, the good decisions made in present day are a wholesome effort of all the linked up past experiences that winds together like a decision mechanism. you never know, how you arrived at that decision, but the insight is always the bitter or sweet past that makes you learn and move ahead.

Many has told me that the present actions beholds the future. Of course, what you do today is that makes the tomorrow. But, I do feel to point out that what you do today is decided by how you learnt from your past. How you learnt from all the present that gone past you. There could be a thousand agreements about this view. Of course, that is the basics of human thoughts, which I try to do from my view.

For me, yesterdays, design my today and the redesigns of my present make my future.