Love is in the Air

A most captive sentence which I ever felt about while reading through numerous love quotes all over. Many a times, I felt, it’s not the mention of love that makes this special. It’s the feeling of happiness , those lines fills in the word makes it more remarkable.

I don’t know who coned this sentence for the first time, but whoever, it had been, must have felt love deep to the heart, either the happy or the hard way. I feel to experience the same , go through the same thoughts, through the mind of that wonderful soul.

I would like to imagine – though the heart of a young girl. Why girl? I always felt that for a girl in love, the love is all about feeling good, happy and wonderful, feels life to be more special than yesterday . With such a bouncy heart, she is all set to meet him for the evening. She strolls down the park, with all the feeling of love filling her, she sees all the happy faces around her. Her happy eyes, feels and sees only the happiness in the faces around her. The dark sad face of the world is strange to her and her heart sings to her.

love is in the air


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