The Writer’s Block

A long discussed topic which is easy to come by,  but the real pain is when the self become the sufferer. During the recent past months, I am deeply inflicted by this non genetic disease, which is killing  my writing passion day by day. people suggest different methods/ideas/cures to overcome this, but the real pain is felt and understood only by the victim.

There were days, when I had many ideas to blog, when I could just sit over and finish a post. But as this disease became more and more chronic, the peril desperation to find words to make sense became as hard as a fathomed trench. Each thought of writing a blog post being washed away by parallel diversion in the forms of movies, reading and other luxuries, which produced everything except a scrape of profound pleasure generated by the publishing of a post.

Another major hard nature of this disease is that, the severity could be understood only by a blogger who has already walked by this path. There is no side rail for this race which could give the exact feel of the real frustration,  the desperation and the pressure oozing through the nerves of the patient.

But, a cure was required and must come in the right time. I went through the blogs of many fellow bloggers of bloggerville and read their own examples of nightmares and the real life experiences. All of them, went through this narrow ridge suffered the same desperation felt by me. But the point, that made me glad was all of them passed through this narrow and shaky term of illness.

And the cure was nothing other than the magical drug which is equally effective for many known and unknown diseases in this world – Determination.

For a blogger, who is suffering a difficult stage to find words and the lack of time to sit and make out the words, determination is not a walk in the park. The resolve to start again was the first step. start slow and steady. Ambitious milestones were not set. But, the aim was to start it up again.

May be, the ache of this start will last for couple of days. But a start made is an achievement, a milestone set to move further, to make the stubborn disease to die and perish. I may have to get inspired by many moments of the day to tie upon a single topic to write about. I will have to make each single word count,by which the dried up fountain could come back to life. But, as all my fellow bloggers say, there is never an end to any plot, one is just the follow through of another.

So, is this…..


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Block

    1. Shibu Nair Post author

      Ya, too hard to overcome. And I am pretty sure, every writer in this world would have been a victim at least once. Thanks to you too, for stopping by.


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