For the first drop

There is something very wonderful about my home place. It's still a place where you cannot see the ground from the sky. All those lush green trees, though getting reduced in number, are still the sky scrapers.

Away from those concrete jungles, a small paddy field, with those golden corns swaying lightly in the cool monsoon breeze. A small one footer muddy path winds it's way indefinitely through the vast fields. One will never feel away from nature in such a place. And I come from one of a kind of paradise, where nature still has its breath.

All these memories came back to me in a single shot, because of a wonderful liner I grabbed from the movie : time machine.

Those that take us back are memories… And those that carry us forward, are dreams.

A really great script but a rather wonderful fact. Sitting in this cold room in a foreign land, I wander through the lush green memories of my past. Though, my heart is curiously dreaming for the first snow that I could experience after two months. What a irony, isn't it?

Many a times, I wonder why there is such a disparity of human needs and a long away, the path of aspiration. Though to the heart, each human love to be at his home, but his aspirations and dreams take him further and further away.There is no reason to justify this human nature of which I am also a victim. But I dont have any regret on the same, as this is the path I chose, not forced upon me.

So, I wait still, for the very first drop of happiness, where memories and dreams meet me at the same instance..



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