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The First Fall

A wonderful morning and an encouraging words from a good friend is much an inspiration to continue writing with more positiveness than ever before.¬† And thanks friend for being so compassionate and willing to go through my posts and give your valuable comments. In this beautiful land, where you have been so long, I have just started my journey across seasons and now, I am at the verge of experiencing my “First Fall

People who know me will also be aware that I come from the tropical, calm and monsoon oriented climate of southern shores of India. A beautiful place where change in climate is not so scientifically defined and rain and sun comes around in a rough 3 months interval. No snow, no fall, no one can say when summer starts or what exactly winter is.

Though heavenly with climate of my homeland, I always longed to experience the bitterness of nature. The extreme, which I never had in my life time. Because, with bitterness always comes the beauty of sweetness. With the dryness that cracks your skin, comes the magical “Fall” of colours all around, with the chilling cold wind, comes the ethereal beauty of snow, and much more, which I really need to know myself. At least in this case, I don’t want to keep me forecasted much about what happens next with Google ūüôā

Here, the weather has fixed timelines. On a fine pre defined morning, the summer started (though the summer for me here was a pleasure ), and then the intensity of heat started decreasing and with fine and intermittent rains, the temperature started falling. And then it all started. As if the nature triggered the alarm, all trees around understood that it should save the moisture and the water for the harsh time ahead. The result was, all moisture in leaves was sucked into the water reserve within the truck and the magic began.

It was a ballet of colours; green, yellow, orange, golden-yellow, the blend was so amazing.

Maybe the lack of words or the wait for more magic restricting me to end here. Maybe I must bring in the skill of composing the feel of my heart to words, but it aint easy.

Have a good day friends..


Love is in the Air

A most captive sentence which I ever felt about while reading through numerous love quotes all over. Many a times, I felt, it’s not the mention of love that makes this special. It’s the feeling of happiness , those lines fills in the word makes it more remarkable.

I don’t know who coned this sentence for the first time, but whoever, it had been, must have felt love deep to the heart, either the happy or the hard way. I feel to experience the same , go through the same thoughts, through the mind of that wonderful soul.

I would like to imagine – though the heart of a young girl. Why girl? I always felt that for a girl in love, the love is all about feeling good, happy and wonderful, feels life to be more special than yesterday . With such a bouncy heart, she is all set to meet him for the evening. She strolls down the park, with all the feeling of love filling her, she sees all the happy faces around her. Her happy eyes, feels and sees only the happiness in the faces around her. The dark sad face of the world is strange to her and her heart sings to her.

love is in the air

To continue working

Sometimes, after all the effort you put in, seldom the good work is appreciated, magnanimous will power is required to keep the morale high. As I figured out in my last blog post, the level of job satisfaction determines how closely how can meet the expectations.

In stem of the process oriented work places, the role and responsibilities are set based on process and project requirements. But, when there is no process, the job routine comprises a fluctuating series of responsibilities, an undefined boundary of roles and answerable to multiple calls. This creates a chaos in the system, which ultimately affects the deliverables and the cost rather that the participating resources.

In a non process oriented environment, it becomes very difficult to make the efforts measurable and the added pain of indecision makes each day more difficult to pass.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I wonder, is there any job profile in this world which comes with this tagline – “Satisfaction¬†Guaranteed”. I never been able to match the scales of what job satisfaction is meant for each individual and how the expectation varies from each employee. Job is an essential evil for majority of the population except for those rare silver spooners, who can live without it. Now, what job each persons ends up is also quite clearly defined. It depends on multiple criteria as I look down

Some are born with talents, like painter, singer, dancer etc. They relish their passion to the core and excellent devours of their passion get paid for life time for doing what they mostly like to do. From my perspective, it is the most high paid job in the world and highly satisfying. To get income from the most relished passion.

There are another set of people who education directs them to particular job category. One who get admission for medicine, becomes a doctor. Another who gets admission for historical science, becomes archaeologist or librarian. Here, it is not the passion of the field of job, but the availability of opportunity that made them to learn that particular branch of study and their job profile was linked to their study.

Some people whose has certain passion which they relish but due to the fear and dependency on their life, they hide the passion in heart and work in different areas. In these poor souls, though their passion is different, there are content with their earning and hope that at some point of life, they could retire from these jobs and go back to their passion which is still burning deep within. I belong to this category.

So, I believe Job satisfaction is a factor for the last category whose aspiration and  job profile is contradictory. Even though, job satisfaction is a whole sum of the work environment, recognition, team, skill set and many other factors, each one of them as large enough to be discussed separately.

All I have learnt from my work experience is that find joy in what you do to make money, ignore the pain points, let not that affect your mind. Believe that those pain points are for what you are paid off and the part you relish, you are doing for your own satisfaction.

Burning the midnight oil

An old saying¬†isn’t¬†it? But sometime, it is quite natural that I have to stay awake to complete a schedule and remember this phrase and smile at it. Because, there is no point in remorse since, it is part of ¬†my life and maybe many around us . So, only option is to smile at that famous words and say “oil is meant for burning, either at midnight or day”

Life is a mystery, no matter in what ever ways we try to justify. Recently, I was watching few of BBC’s nature videos about the different parts of ¬†earth. I was amazed by the diversity and the complexity of life. Life itself is a great challenge where all living organism has only three aspects:

  • Fulfilling its part in the greater food chain
  • Reproduction for the continuity of life
  • Raise the offspring (not mandatory in some species) till they can get their own food.

Life in all living things is confined to these three¬†predicaments¬†expect for humans. This is the exact point, where I don’t understand the stupidity of the human intelligence. ¬†Man improved the life, health and the overall cause of the existence of race. But, in the cycle of life, how can I justify that I am ‘burning the mid night oil’ for few Dollars, which do not have any meaning to complete the life cycle in earth.

What is the meaning or place of for a concept called money in the life chain. Man made it, and made the entire life cycle complex. The intellectual thinking of humans has both helped and destroyed the whole concept of living and life on earth.

  • Humans are the only life that kills for fun
  • Humans are the only life that resists to a part of greater food chain and already destroyed the life balance by spreading and growing like a virus.
  • Humans are the only life that consumes natural resources more than the necessity to sustain life

The result is that when the life first appeared on earth and started the continuous re orientation to reach stability, the first mistake in chain happened in the form of  evolution that created man. The evolution that created man was not meant to be, not atleast in the way that, in the life span which is much shorter compared to big picture, majority to time is spend on

  • learning to make money
  • Working to make money
  • Teaching offspring to make money
  • Sharing the wealth to offspring to have a base to make money

Seriously dude, I cannot see life here ūüôā may be I already burned too much oil…..

The Writer’s Block

A long discussed topic which is easy to come by,  but the real pain is when the self become the sufferer. During the recent past months, I am deeply inflicted by this non genetic disease, which is killing  my writing passion day by day. people suggest different methods/ideas/cures to overcome this, but the real pain is felt and understood only by the victim.

There were days, when I had many ideas to blog, when I could just sit over and finish a post. But as this disease became more and more chronic, the peril desperation to find words to make sense became as hard as a fathomed trench. Each thought of writing a blog post being washed away by parallel diversion in the forms of movies, reading and other luxuries, which produced everything except a scrape of profound pleasure generated by the publishing of a post.

Another major hard nature of this disease is that, the severity could be understood only by a blogger who has already walked by this path. There is no side rail for this race which could give the exact feel of the real frustration,  the desperation and the pressure oozing through the nerves of the patient.

But, a cure was required and must come in the right time. I went through the blogs of many fellow bloggers of bloggerville and read their own examples of nightmares and the real life experiences. All of them, went through this narrow ridge suffered the same desperation felt by me. But the point, that made me glad was all of them passed through this narrow and shaky term of illness.

And the cure was nothing other than the magical drug which is equally effective for many known and unknown diseases in this world – Determination.

For a blogger, who is suffering a difficult stage to find words and the lack of time to sit and make out the words, determination is not a walk in the park. The resolve to start again was the first step. start slow and steady. Ambitious milestones were not set. But, the aim was to start it up again.

May be, the ache of this start will last for couple of days. But a start made is an achievement, a milestone set to move further, to make the stubborn disease to die and perish. I may have to get inspired by many moments of the day to tie upon a single topic to write about. I will have to make each single word count,by which the dried up fountain could come back to life. But, as all my fellow bloggers say, there is never an end to any plot, one is just the follow through of another.

So, is this…..

For the first drop

There is something very wonderful about my home place. It's still a place where you cannot see the ground from the sky. All those lush green trees, though getting reduced in number, are still the sky scrapers.

Away from those concrete jungles, a small paddy field, with those golden corns swaying lightly in the cool monsoon breeze. A small one footer muddy path winds it's way indefinitely through the vast fields. One will never feel away from nature in such a place. And I come from one of a kind of paradise, where nature still has its breath.

All these memories came back to me in a single shot, because of a wonderful liner I grabbed from the movie : time machine.

Those that take us back are memories… And those that carry us forward, are dreams.

A really great script but a rather wonderful fact. Sitting in this cold room in a foreign land, I wander through the lush green memories of my past. Though, my heart is curiously dreaming for the first snow that I could experience after two months. What a irony, isn't it?

Many a times, I wonder why there is such a disparity of human needs and a long away, the path of aspiration. Though to the heart, each human love to be at his home, but his aspirations and dreams take him further and further away.There is no reason to justify this human nature of which I am also a victim. But I dont have any regret on the same, as this is the path I chose, not forced upon me.

So, I wait still, for the very first drop of happiness, where memories and dreams meet me at the same instance..