Another sick day

These are certain days you and me certainly love to hate most: rushing to office, thinking that the little head ache of early morning will set with the sun and then at office you are shipped out back to home in a cab.

Real weirdo right? I had exactly the same kind of day today. For last 2 days, I have slight signs of my migraine returning back. But as every other human, I ignored the God sent signs and relived myself with pain killer. And the wrath was upon me.

On the first working day of the week (oops, I am in Middle East, it's works like this here),I reached office, pulled down by one of the worst migraine jolt of my life and returned home. Yes, these are certain times, we do feel so badly to home, right with the people you love and who take care of you. But with my wife away at her office(I didn't want to panic her with a distress phone call), and the parents miles away at my home, I am. Content to my realty.

Sleeping half conscious almost whole day, I at some point of my heart expected a call from my colleague or friends, it no. I was supposed to be a loner today. Ad again in my life, I underpinned a statement which I used to teach myself again and again.

At the time of need, you are all alone my dear, except for your shadow.



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