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Another sick day

These are certain days you and me certainly love to hate most: rushing to office, thinking that the little head ache of early morning will set with the sun and then at office you are shipped out back to home in a cab.

Real weirdo right? I had exactly the same kind of day today. For last 2 days, I have slight signs of my migraine returning back. But as every other human, I ignored the God sent signs and relived myself with pain killer. And the wrath was upon me.

On the first working day of the week (oops, I am in Middle East, it's works like this here),I reached office, pulled down by one of the worst migraine jolt of my life and returned home. Yes, these are certain times, we do feel so badly to home, right with the people you love and who take care of you. But with my wife away at her office(I didn't want to panic her with a distress phone call), and the parents miles away at my home, I am. Content to my realty.

Sleeping half conscious almost whole day, I at some point of my heart expected a call from my colleague or friends, it no. I was supposed to be a loner today. Ad again in my life, I underpinned a statement which I used to teach myself again and again.

At the time of need, you are all alone my dear, except for your shadow.




Do you believe that the view of everyone is same as yours?Does everyone sees the same way as you do? I do not believe so. At least the frame ofvision varies for every person, so are the thoughts
I am curious to understand how people understand the likeness of the subjects irrespective of the fact that they perceive and think differently, but arriving at the same results, when given a same set of constraints. People incline to their views and abilities to come to an conclusion. And the generality of this solution is quite limited to the generality of the thinking of the participants.
All these thoughts took root while I was having breakfast near a glass wall, which was inclined outward towards the top. from that view, I was watching people passing by the outside pavement. All vertically straight and monotonous. I just thought will I be viewing the same if the walls were straight. Does that angle provide any addition or negation to my view? I wasn’t sure. I tried to imagine that wall to be vertical. but, I couldn’t make out any difference within my imagination. Then again I thought why the wall is constructed inclined if it wasn’t meant for a change in view. Maybe it added style to the construction or a part of the whole design. I don’t know. I was quite numb as you are now,
Perspective also varies with the situation. In a situation, that includes you and me, the action of me and you depends on how each of us perceive things. Thinking in others shoes will help in understanding the perspective from both directions and to arrive at a more sensible decisions.
With all these thoughts churning in my head, my Percival of the world is as complex as the neural network that derives these understandings. The complexity of the human thoughts itself makes the perception as inclined and as vertical to the dimension of the world.
As the spoon boy in the movie Matrix says :

Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
There is no spoon

Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

The familiar stranger

It was another beautiful day of life. I was in the post office to get through some of the application requirement. I was quite worn down by the long queue which is not so peculiar to any government owned establishments. Right when I sent down a deep breath of restlessness, I felt that someone is trying to catch my attention from behind. And I saw him.

Well dressed in full trousers and the a grey shirt, he looked quite a gentleman, though shabby in this looks. He was of his mid thirties, but looked more older from his appearance. When I sinking in my mental analysis, he suddenly spoke, ” Can you give me 1 Rupees and 25 paise?”

To be continued…