Not all the faces

There is a saying in my native. “There are seven of a kind for each person.”
And once I start traveling around, I am finding that the saying is very true to be believed. Of all the new people who enter my life in this new city, I find someone from the past quite similar to him/her. I can say its a coincidence, but always that is not true.
I have noted a lot many similarities in behavior, talks and nature of people which I could relate to some one I know from past. Even if you make an attempt, I believe that you will get the same conclusion.
There are many logics in this world whose explanation is beyond human senses. What we actually do is accept on a reason and passion for the next generation. Our life span is not long enough to find answers to these time consuming questions. Still as humans we have achieved that any other life form could have possibly achieved.
Still we will never be able to explain how perished life return as if recycled. For our convenience, we had invented many stories or myths to support the same, but I know or we all know that is no base foundation for any of these. They are all just lines drawn on water.
I hope to get more inclines or thoughts shared by anybody who is reading this. Because I am also absolutely clueless about this fundamental question.


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