In the lands of Persian dreams

The last breath of hope, it’s never the last. Things always stop and back in life with old glory and compassion.
I feel the same when I am scribbling these words for my beloved blog.
Things have changed in many ways ever since , I posted by last blog. I am no longer in India. My work has taken me to the beautiful land of persian culture, where people sees hearts in faces than pre assumption. I have lived in multiple places in India, but here I feel a difference, which I cannot express in words.
The beauty of the serene city Tehran is absolutely mind blowing. You can never get a picture of this outlook of Tehran without being actually here. The soft conversations I have with my colleagues, so true and clear like a image in the mirror which makes me feel so home in the company of like minded ness. More and more I experience the cultural enrichment in the life of persians and the value they give to the change of time is much appreciated compared to the complaints I have seen and do see around in the democratic freedom of India.
Few things I learnt from my short 90 plus days in Tehran are quite eye opening to the attitude I had as an Indian. Nationality is a feeling that comes from the pride of being the national. It’s more of feeling light in the achievement of the country than complaining about the lacking.
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The very true statement from the time eternity which is true to tehran. City well maintained, glowing in the night in twinkling city lights, with no tall buildings omitted. Each bridge, high walls painted with images that reflect the Persian glory. Streets where people has the courtesy to not throw the trash around, but use the garbage tins. The government who has commitment to clean up nook and corner of the city everyday morning. It’s quite more than the expected when compared to India.
How much I smiled at strangers in India? How many times I have said wishes to a stranger passing by on road? By now, for it’s nothing but a part of my life. As I said in the beginning, in here, I see the people’s heart in their eyes. I would rather say that the life of the Islamic republic of Iran is not achievements of today, but the heritage of the rich Persian culture in their veins.


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