Monthly Archives: March 2012

Locked up

life often bangs you back with such animosity that you even forget the very existence of being alive. 2 weeks in Bangalore and the start of a new career change was more than a stretch filled with hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

I came to Bangalore on April 13th. Quite an inauspicious day but I wanted to join the new working place on a better date. Hence, I reached one day early and first one week was in the heart of the Bangalore City and travelling in the TRAC Volvo buses and I was enjoying the liveliness of the IT City.

But as I moved to the so called PG near the office, I came down to the realities of my present. And more and more, I came back from office to this room to stay at night, I realized how lonely I am. I really started missing my colorful life and the color of my life – My better half.