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Fuzz over a dying Dam

The controversies and talking  have been going on for a while. But the stakes are too simple to digest.
A dam was build by colonists to water their colonial capital and suburbs . On independence , the dam became the part of a state and the benefited ,the neighbour .
Now to the reality. It’s been 108 years since the dam was constructed . The age estimated for the dam at the time of construction was 75 years. The dam was constructed using century old technology using limestone as base.
The dam has been leaking and splitting up with cracks all over during the last decade. And the dam is situated at one of the most rain dense states. Which means the dam has to operate at full capacity at almost through  the year.
And the state owning the dam suggested on decommissioning the dam and constructing a new one with common funding. And with this all problem started. Benefited neighbour don’t want any block in their water supply,even when human lives are at stake. For centuries , the people who maintained and supported the neighbour with the most precious resource water was showered with gratitude by attacking the people who demanded the construction of a new dam. This is the snapshot and the readers are invited to share their insight.



With myself moving to the android crazy hunks, I have been busy exploring the opportunities it puts on front of me in terms of simplicity , convenience and technology at hand.
While scribbling this post sitting in a commute to office , I no longer complaint about time to think or type out. I am so excited thinking about the way technology keeps on adding convenience to human life.
Said so, you can read more and more realistic posts from today with the new insight .