End of vacation

It’s been again a long break from the world of words. It’s a fact that when you are stinking in some area, you smell shit entirely. I was much bored by the kind of routine I was having in my job, started infecting my mind and body. I lost my passion to blog and kept away from my guitar. 4 months seems a long time, when I lost finding redemption.

But things will not remain all the same. I am changing the reins of my career and so is the attitude towards all the passion that kept rusting. Maybe this post is just a reconciliation of a old writer who forgot his pen somewhere. And the moment, he finds the pen from a mass of junk; his first reaction would be to ink down something. I am in the same trance now.

For the last few months, I kept most of the entertainment to old music, sometimes new songs finding space in the playlist. And the lack of interesting movies and the slow speed of the internet connection fully prevented me to have enough download of movies to keep me occupied.

It is just recently that many things occurred to me in a way that could be said as life changer. One is that I am moving to my ever career dream of a functional role than a technical role. That means gone are the days of programming. I always wanted to move from the developer stint to a business role. And here I am, on the verge of joining the dream position.

It was a hard time clubbing these many words together to form meaning. I had a hard time, since I think I have lost the flow of words. Should be working hard on the same. Ceeya..


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