Three Way Rivaltries – AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus


Across the globe it seems like almost every local professional soccer league has two great, legendary clubs that play against each other in a colossal rivalry. Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Boca Juniors and River in Argentina, and so on. Italy is somewhat different in that there are three teams that have historically done battle at the top. For AC Milan a.k.a. “i Rossoneri” (the Red-and-Blacks), FC Internazionale Milano a.k.a. “i Nerazzurri” (the Black-and-Blues), and Juventus FC a.k.a. “i Bianconeri” (the White-and-blacks), this special rivalry nothing of short of epic.

To start, the three clubs are in very close proximity in Northern Italy, and more importantly, they dominate their league, Serie A, having won a combined total 62 national championships (more than 50% all-time). As of 2010, Juventus has won the most with 27, although Inter has recently won 5 in a row. The three have also been the tournament runner-up a combined total of 49 times and are the only clubs in Italy that display gold stars on their jerseys—signifying at least ten championships each.

They are further renowned for their strong international play. Together they have won 37 officially recognized international championships including 12 UEFA Champions League titles (ACM has the most with 7), as well as 7 UEFA Super Cup titles and 7 Intercontinental Cup titles. And if all this greatness isn’t enough to convince you that it would be intense when they take to the pitch against each other, then consider this: There is a list of the top ten soccer club rivalries and two of the selections are ACM/Inter and Inter/Juventus, so please reference that list for more detailed information.

Attention to any American readers who may not know and/or care what all this is about: Just wait, there is something for you coming up later.


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