End of Long Biking Days

Today was last day for me on bike to office as a routine, at least for sometime from now. For last four years, ever since I started my career, bike has been an integral part of my journey to office. Except for very rare occasions like tire puncture, it has always kept up with me.

I bought this bike on October 2006. In last four years, it has covered around 42000 Km. Out of this, a major share is my daily cruise of 46 km to office. In the third month of its life, it gave me the first and worst accident that ever happened to me yet. I lost skin on both hands and leg knees. I was bed ridden for almost 2 weeks and took another 1 more week for me to walk like a gentleman. But I wont blame the poor chap for lose of concentration of mine. Though I recovered and bruises and scares said good bye to me on the time that past, he stood with me with all those un erasable tints and scratches, reminding me to be careful, each time I get on him. Other than this, I had few slips on sand and lose of balances, nothing causing any damage. Still, I would say, Its one of the proudest Jewel in my possession as it is this bike that I bought with my initial salary.

From tomorrow, I will be using the company transport to commute to office. A new change, that I look forward to bring a bit more time and comfort to my life. The extra hours in bus for reading, music and sleep. oops, just by muttering ‘sleep’, my eyes are shuttering down. I wish to write more, but tomorrow. there are many changes in my daily routine. So, I require a good night’s sleep.

Good night all.


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