Messy Post

Change of work place is always welcoming. Whether it’s a new job or new office place, it’s gives new colors or more precisely a change. And I being allocated to new project had the opportunity to move to a new office location itself. So, a new work place and desk automatically follows.

With these additions I lost some of the privileges too. Most valuable is the nearness to my home. My old office location was 11 km from home. The new one is 23km. So, it’s almost double. So, I have decided to use the company transportation from next month. I am not so comfortable to ride 46 km again in Chennai. I have been cruising the distance for over 4 years in my career. So, I think its time to give break to such long routine bike rides.

Company transportation has its own good sides and also lousy side. Good thing is I can enjoy the travel comfortably with my IPod or going through my reading list. Also, travelling time will be as relaxing as sitting at home. The lousy side is I have to stick to the schedule of the bus. It won’t wait for me. So, I have to stick close manage time in my morning routines.

The project changes and unknown reasons had me on bed in early mornings for last couple of weeks. So, I think its time to jump back to some physical activity in the morning. Else, I would be in a pathetic situation later with my belly. To maintain a good figure and posterior do demands sweating out regularly. And I have decided to restart it from tomorrow.

Another good thing about this new building is there is a lot of cafeterias hosted by different Cook houses ranging from Sodexho, café coffee day to other local vendors, News is that KFC is opening shortly within the block. So, there is a variety to chew but the problem it really takes a bit from the wallet too. Mostly, in 2-3 days, I will return to my old habit of bringing lunch from home.

Looking forward tomorrow is a National Holiday in India. 26th of January is the day when we became a Republic year ago. So, the ‘Republic Day’ accounts me a mid week break. As you all will agree, a mid week holiday is one of the most refreshing day off for me. If it was just another mid week holiday, I would have just snoozed off at home, But since during the last weekend, I was doing the same thing, I might be planning for some outing with my wife. Mostly to some places that is still unvisited in Chennai.

Anyone who has read this blog post and successfully reached this line would be wondering about the messed up nature of this post. It doesn’t have any particular topic and I am just blabbering about each of the things that come into my mind on and on. Well, let me reveal a small experiment of mine, which I had in mind when I started typing out this post.

I was wondering to know what it takes to type out content that fills a whole page. I never has written anything so long or had enough words anyone topic to fill up one single page. So, I decided on a list of topics rather than one for this first try out. And I tell my experience. Writing a long page is not a simple thing. My fingers are already aching. Then, it’s very difficult to continue the flow of words. But I believe it’s the practice that makes things better. And posts like this without readers (except my friend, Walters, who checks out my blog, for whatever rubbish I conjure up, thanks mate), I can really work on horning my writing skills. Who could compete deny a best seller out of me at long years ahead?


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