Top Ten Failed Apocalyptic Predictions – Book of Apocalypse



The Book of Apocalypse from the Bible (also known as the book of Revelation) is probably the most well known end of the world prophecy (at least in Western Culture). There has been endless debate on what parts of the Bible are meant literally, and what parts are meant symbolically, and this is doubly true for this specific book. With vivid imagery and strange statements that leave room for interpretation, people all around the world have spent their lifetimes trying to decode the Book of Apocalypse. Despite these debates, there are some parts that interpreters agree on. The major one is that during the end times there will be a false prophet masquerading as a messiah, as well as the presence of the antichrist.

The earth will face destruction in many forms. People will have to suffer from earthquakes, fire, plague, hailstorms, famine and many other calamities, in all shapes and forms. After these cataclysmic events, the Antichrist will gain domination over the world. They will rule the world for a certain unknown amount of time, which will then be followed by Armageddon. During Armageddon, a colossal battle will occur between the forces of evil (the Antichrist) and the forces of good (Jesus Christ), in which Jesus prevails. The Bible itself never gives specific dates, of course; instead all of its prophecies are based on a timeline of milestones and events.


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