Best Accomplishment of 2010

2010 was little more than a normal year for me. A lot of shifts and turns in the life and then measuring them on the basis of accomplishment is a very hard task.

The buying of new car, Job change, relocating to a metropolitan city, signing up for Master in Business Administration Program, all the house hold appliances I bought to make the rented house a sweet home and more. A lot of things happened around me in 2010. From that picking a best one is an injustice to rest of them.

In order to make things simple, I will first rule out all the assets I accomplished this year, including car, repaired iPod, a second new computer,camera, fridge, and all household things I bought for my new home in Chennai.

Then the left outs are all the personal achievements of 2010. To speak out frankly, I would rate my employment with ‘Tata Consultancy Services’, one of the top 10 fortune 500 companies in the world and of the Indian origin as the “Best Accomplishment of 2010”. It is one of the biggest career advancements I made till date and is definitely mentionable.

During my graduation days, while pursuing a dream job, TCS was one of the dream I could not grab on. Then I went on to make my career in other comparatively smaller firms and again made a leap of faith towards TCS. And this time, The knock was answered and I made through.


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