who deserves more credit?

Credit  – A most sort after acclaim for all the achievements. When the movie breaks into top of the charts, the producer goes frenzy for all the credits. When a book makes it up to the ‘Book Of the Year’, the publishing house is in the lime light.

As you see,  the credit often goes to one who markets rather than the one who is the creator of the asset. In my examples, the ‘director’  and the ‘Author’ respectively. Well, it could be viewed from their perspective that they took the market risk worth to take the challenge. And, if it would have failed, the lose is all theirs. So, at the moment of victory, they deserve all the ‘Credit’. And now, what is the weighing factor? “Money”.

What I decipher from this world logic is that the creativity is not something that earns credit, but the value and brand of money that exposes that creativity.

You may wonder that I am holding on to the delicate chain of money market and boasting on the facts. Well, go through these examples. How about parents loafing when their kids get high ranks. How about the Corporal getting the badge for rolling out the best of the trainees?

Lot of facts make sense, but doesn’t make sense enough to understand this paradigm. Is it the human nature of the laws of the existence. Someone has to explain. Not me.


One thought on “who deserves more credit?

  1. pastorwalters

    Sometimes time corrects these mistakes. Today nobody cares which movie company made Hitchcock’s movies or which publisher released Shakespear’s plays. The author or director gets the credit. Sometimes it takes longer than it should, though!


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