Three countries I’d like to visit

Travel is always my passion. And I always go around, to all the reachable destinations around the place I stay. Sometimes, even more. And travelling beyond the country, is still my dream. A living dream of my travel fantasies. So, to list the three countries I would love to visit most is not a difficult task.

US – The topper of my chart is mostly because of my career interests. Being in the Software Services for long makes US a natural destination. The largest IT hub of the world, the base of all the IT giants around the world. Moreover, I personally like to visit New York, Chicago, san Francisco, the speed test arena of Utah, Disney Land and many more.

Czechoslovakia – I don’t know why exactly I want to go to this country, But wife really wants to go. Should ask her for the reason.

Mauritius – A beautiful island. Paradise on earth. If I ever want to be on an island, it would be this.


One thought on “Three countries I’d like to visit

  1. pastorwalters

    I like your idea for not only a post a day but a read a day. So I’m also subscribing to your blog and I’ll try to leave a comment every day! I’m looking forward to it!

    One thing about your post today: it’s funny, but I live in the US (in fact I live in New York state), but I’ve never been to New York City or San Francisco. It’s one of the strange things about being in a country this big! Also, I’ve never been to the Czech Republic, but friends of mine have and they really enjoyed it. Here’s a country not on your list but worth a visit: Ecuador! I spent a month there years ago in the capital of Quito and in the Rain Forest — gorgeous country and people.

    Thanks for the post — I look forward to more!


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